10 things to consider when getting your home valued

If you are planning on selling your home, or even renting it out, you are going to want to consider a valuation from a property company. They can survey your home and give you the current market price for the property, or how much rent you can expect a month. There are various things to consider when getting your home valued, however, here are the top 10!

1) The interior and décor

One of the main things people will be looking at inside a house is the décor. If the previous tenant had some seriously bad taste then it is time to get the paintbrushes out. A plain, light colour all the way through is perfect as it makes the rooms feel larger and brighter.

2) The exterior

Before potential buyers even get through the door they are going to be looking at the exterior of your home. If there are crumbling walls, rickety fences or weeds growing up the side of the house then it is unlikely to make a good impression. People can make a decision on whether they like something very quickly, so make sure the outside looks as good as the inside.

3) Bad neighbours

One of the biggest impacts on a home valuation will actually be your neighbours! Although there is not a lot you can do about noisy neighbours, it may be worth thinking about. Suggest viewings when you know the neighbours are away, or be prepared for a lot of questions!

4) Poor schools

Schools in the area can have a positive or negative impact on the valuation of your home. If your local school has poor OFSTED reports then less people are going to want to move into that area. There’s not a lot you can do about this other than show off your perfectly behaved and intelligent children, or appeal to single people!

There will be some outside factors that you won't be able to change when it comes to your home valuation. Just work with the best you have!

5) Energy efficiency

Energy efficient houses can be valued at a lot more than their opposite. This is because people don’t want to move into a home that is going to cost them a fortune in utility bills. Consider having double glazed windows fitted or even insulation installed.

6) Improvements needed

If the house is in a state of disrepair then it is unlikely to fetch a decent price. Of course, it could appeal to those wanting a cheap home to do up and sell, but the emphasis there is on cheap. If you have a bit of extra cash then you are better off carrying out the improvements yourself before trying to put it on the market.

7) Gardens and outside areas

Overgrown outside spaces are not going to be ticking anybody’s boxes, so make sure your gardens are well kept. You don’t have to call in a landscaper for a perfectly presented garden, but get rid of the weeds and trim the lawn. This goes for both front and back gardens.

8) The cleanliness of your home

People want a home that is ready to move into, in most cases, unless they are property developers. Making sure that your home is clean and well-presented will make people feel a lot more positive about the property in general. Ensure you give it a proper spring clean before putting it on the market.

9) Modern features

Show off any mod cons that you have and sell them with the property, if you can. If you have a home automation system then this can be a great selling point, as everybody loves a bit of technology. Use them to up-sell your home and your valuation could soar.

10) Age and type of property

Something that you are not going to be able to change, but will play a big part in the valuation. Old properties don’t necessarily mean lower prices, as it all depends on the upkeep of the home. As a general rule, the less neighbours the house has the more it sells for and so detached or semi-detached houses tend to fetch the most.

An old house does not necessarily mean it will be worth less, as long as it is in good condition.
An old house does not necessarily mean it will be worth less, as long as it is in good condition.


There are plenty of things to consider when getting your home valued, some that you will be able to change and others you will not. Ask a professional (such as http://www.harrycharles.co.uk) to value your house and then give you ideas as to how the price could be made just that little bit better.

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