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Basic woodworking tools for making your own furniture

If you are a DIY-er and you’ve always dreamed of making your own furniture, this article is perfect for you. You might not know how to go about things when it comes to purchasing the right tools for your craft, and that’s where we come in and give you a hand. We have created a list of suggestions that you may have to consider the next time you’re thinking of

The best of Ronald Reagan

If you’re interested in discovering why Ronald Reagan, Turning Point USA believes who rose to fame as an A-list Hollywood actor became one of the most respected presidents in the history of the United States. The Best of Ronald Reagan: 5 Facts about Ronald Reagan   1. He served as the 40th President of the United States of America   Ronald Reagan served as the 40th president, a title which

Boris Blanche named Managing Director of IRU

Hard work always pays off. That’s definitely the case when Boris Blanche was recently named as the new Managing Director of IRU. Blanche has been working in the IRU (the world’s road transport organization) for more than 5 years and he has performed exceptionally well. Now that he’s been promoted, his role immediately expands and it also involves strengthening the advocacy work of the group.   No doubt, the individual

6 Fun things to do in Alabama revealed

Whether you were born and raised in Alabama or you’re looking to plan a whirlwind vacation to Alabama, simply continue reading to discover a wide variety of fun activities from Kevin Rolle Alabama that you can book.   6 Fun Things to do in Alabama Revealed:   1. Take a guided night hike from the Dismals Canyon Conservatory in order to see millions of glow-worms   There is a stunning

16 Random Things About Cosmetic Surgery

When people think of cosmetic surgery, they often just think of boob, nose, liposuction and other body transforming aspects. There’s a lot more to it then that, so we put together a list of things you might not have known. Penis enlargements, they’re not done by a cosmetic surgeon. They are usually don’t by a urologist. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for the rich and famous – a lot of people

Stein Raleigh, NC & Stein Plastic Surgery

Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC is a double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with over 26 years of surgical experience. He has been practicing the art of facial plastic surgery for close to two decades in the Raleigh, NC area. He has passed comprehensive exams administered by the American Board of Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Stein Plastic Surgery has received

The inspiring story of George S. Ammar

If you’re interested in discovering how it’s possible to go into business for yourself and to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it’s well worth reading about George Ammar and his life story. As his empowering, uplifting life story should motivate you to achieve all of your goals and dreams.   The inspiring story of George Ammar:   1. George Ammar initially trained hard to reach his goal of becoming a

Randy Benderson Spearheads $89M Worth of Real Estate Purchases

Benderson Development, a large privately held real estate business under the leadership of Randy Benderson, recently closed on property purchases valued at a whopping $89 million. These are among the latest of the company’s many real estate purchases — purchases that have put the company on the map time and time again due to its unique strategic approach to expanding and managing its expansive portfolio of real estate properties. Its

West Coast Better Homes on How Schwarzenegger Helped California Go Solar

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known mainly for his fantastic action movies and comedies. However, he is also an environmental activist. During his time as governor of California, he worked together with various homes, windows, patio, covers, and roofing services throughout the state, encouraging them to go green. West Coast Better Homes was one of those companies. Indeed comma it is now quite common to see companies in Santa Monica, Los Angeles,

Stephen Varanko III: The definition of leadership

It’s a term that is branded around a lot in the business world, but ask the Average Joe what “leadership” really means and you’ll probably be returned with a blank face. In truth, it’s become a bit of a buzzword – and a little clarity is required. This is the reason we have enlisted the help of Stephen Varanko III. Varanko is someone who knows all about leadership, having enjoyed a