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Calvary Houston Church: The bible is the inspiration from God

The term “inspired by God” is one which is often difficult for some people to comprehend. Without a background in religion, it’s one that can prompt all sorts of questions that are very difficult to find answers for. Or, at least genuine answers. A lot of this confusion stems from the definition of inspiration itself. This is because that when it is used in the context of the bible, the

Charitable and Industrious Figure’s Legacy is His Family

Nathan Benderson passed away back in April of 2012 after living a fruitful life. He lived to 94 years old. His largest professional contribution was founding Benderson Development. He helped propel the business to its early success despite being conceived in a shaky, unpredictable economic landscape. Part of Nathan’s esteemed legacy is his son, Randy Benderson, who continues to work with the same professional and philanthropic prowess as his father

Secure Channels: The best security tips for new businesses

As we all know, cybersecurity is well and truly in the news right now. It’s something that’s capturing everyone’s attention, and it’s for good reason. Some of the biggest companies in the world have been hit with cyber-attacks, causing a huge breach of customer data and some bad publicity to go with it. Unfortunately, it’s actually taken breaches like this for it to be catapulted into the public news -

Al Hartman on the City Full of Life: Houston

If you are interested in the real estate market in Houston, then you will find yourself mesmerized by this fantastic metropolitan and cosmopolitan city. It is impossible to spend a moment bored in Houston, regardless of what it is that you enjoy. For Al Hartman, Houston truly is the perfect place to be. Al Hartman on Houston Houston covers around 600 square miles. When its metropolitan area is included, around

Forward Passes and College Recruiting – An Insight by Jack Elway

There are many different sports played at college level. In all of them athletes are trained and tested to see whether they can be included in the team. One of the most popular college sports college football, which is always where Jack Elway’s passion lies. Indeed, this sport is one of this country’s favorite sports. In it, both teams try to get the ball into the opposing teams’ end zone,

Matt Rush on How to Land a Public Speaking Job

Matt Rush is one of the most famous and respected public speakers around. The role of public speaker is becoming increasingly interesting, with people seeing it as an opportunity to make significant amounts of money just by standing up and talking. According to Matt Rush, there is a lot more to the job than that, of course. For those who are realistic about becoming a public speaker, however, he has

Ammcor Reviews – HOA Management Services that Ammcor Provides to San Clemente Homeowners

Ammcor is an association management company that services condominiums, gated and planned community developments in San Diego County California, with a focus on the San Clemente area. As the premiere association management company in the area, Ammcor provides management and specialized administrative services to Home Owner Associations and their boards of directors. The company receives fantastic reviews for its service because of the high level of service it provides and

Charles Nucci: The Real Rewards from Being a Photographer

There are many worthy professions. Some provide great benefits to large amounts of people, others generate great wealth, while others can provide you with lots of esteem and respect. Having a career that fits into any one of these categories means you’re lucky. Having a career that fits into two or more of these categories means that you’re blessed. Even with this being true the best profession to have is

Scott Tominaga: A Few Things Investors Can Learn From Surfers

On the surface making an investment is nothing like surfing. In fact it seems odd to even put the two subjects in the same sentence. However if you examine both closely, you begin to see that they are in fact commonalities between the two disciplines.   Investors can learn a lot from surfers, at least the good ones. Here are a list of a few of the things surfers do,