Andrew Salmon launches uSwitch’s Turkey expansion with investment in EnCazip

Andrew Salmon, the former CEO of UK-based online price comparison tool, has made a significant expansion into the Middle East by leading an investment round in Turkish web company EnCazip. The company, which provides similar services to but currently focuses in particular on the energy market, is one of Turkey’s fastest-growing price comparison websites and is gaining popularity among consumers in the Eurasian nation. Salmon is joined in

4 ways to optimize the working hours of your employees

A well-functioning team of staff is an essential aspect of any successful business. As a business owner, it is vital that you encourage your staff as much as possible and help them to be enthusiastic about the task at hand. While you should always view your workers as people in their own right from a business perspective, you should also view them as an investment. If you are not getting

The Top Tried and Tested Ways You can make the Most Use of Your Time as a Freelancer

When you’re a freelancer, you usually don’t have to answer to one single person or one single institution, and you don’t have a boss (technically speaking). On the other hand, you have many clients (or many bosses), and this often poses a problem. The great thing about being a freelancer is that you are allowed to work as you please, but this doesn’t mean your time doesn’t have to be

How People Are Dressing to Impress When Business Attire Isn’t the Dress Code

Giving outward signs that hint towards your professional competence has always been something recommended to people, whether it is in networking situations, for job interviews, or when meeting with clients. While wearing a suit doesn’t actually make you any more capable or intelligent, it has been generally accepted as something that enhances a person’s professional image. Dressing Down Of course, the business world has become a lot more casual over

Important Checkpoints To Consider While Looking For The Best Forex Broker

Forex trade market is very competitive, but frequent changing of brokers will make it only more harder. Before you take the leap into Forex market, you must consider your goals, trading strategy, capital flexibility, and more. Moreover the broker you select can also affect your trading success. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you select one of the best Forex brokers,for achieving long term success. Criteria to consider

Make the Most out of Display Stands for Promoting Your Business

Display stands have been used for promoting businesses for a very long time. Even now, huge businesses still make use of this advertising strategy. In fact, even small business owners have found the importance of using display stands. The main reason why these stands are effective is because they target local audiences. People who want to get information about a business can just take a look at the information displayed

4 Things to Look for in a Scrap Metal Merchant in Tipton

So you’ve got plenty of scrap metal to dispose of and you are looking for a reliable scrap metal dealer in Tipton and the surrounding area. It can be hard to make a choice since there are many choices of scrap metal merchants, and some will be better than others when it comes to matching your needs. How do you choose between yards? Take a look at the following points

Reasons Why Some Banners Work and Others Don’t

You can ask different business owners regarding the effectiveness of banners for advertising and you will get different answers. There are those who will tell you that these banners are totally effective in achieving their goals while others won’t suggest using banners at all. For them, the banners are useless advertising tools that didn’t help boost their business in any way. The reasons behind the differences in their responses lie

The UK Election Result and Sterling

The decision of Theresa May to call a snap general election in the UK caught almost every commentator by complete surprise. Although the political logic of calling an election against an almost historically weakened opposition party had been obvious for some time, pundits and politicians alike appear to have taken the Prime Minister at face value when she insisted, on multiple occasions, that she had no intention of calling such

4 Different Types of Protection for Your Design

The law offers many different forms of protection for inventions, products, and innovations. The patent procedure is useful for many people with a new and original invention to sell. There are other ways in which you can protect your product and your intellectual property. Here are some of the options you have for IP protection for your design. 1. Non-Disclosure Agreements As you develop a product or invent something new