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Summer Camps Prove Fun and Educational at the Same Time

Are you contemplating sending your child to summer camp this year? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.   Many parents come to find that summer camps are both fun and educational for the young ones in their lives.   With that being the case, have you looked around at the different camp options out there?   Given camps offer different opportunities, do your best to find one

Why Boarding Schools are a Great Choice for Your Child’s Education

When it comes to education for their kids, parents today have many choices. There is public schooling which, depending on the school can be a worthy choice, but chances are it will provide an uneven education, and with the constantly shifting state of public school budgets, you can never tell whether the quality will be maintained. There are many charter schools which seek to bridge the gap between public and

When is it too late to further your education?

How often have you heard someone react with a mixture of envy and melancholy upon hearing that somebody else has attained a particular qualification, learned a language, or studied for a new skill? Typically, it is accompanied by a phrase along the lines of, “Oh, I wish I’d done that,” or, “I should have studied for that when I was younger,” or even that wonderful catch-all, “I always regret not

Easy Ways to Adjust to College Life

Heading off to college is an overwhelming experience, and it can take many people months, if not years, to get comfortable in their new space and alien routine. Eventually, you will become relaxed enough to make friends, attend social gatherings and fully experience the college lifestyle. However, becoming content with a new surrounding can prove stressful and clearing the first hurdle of college life can be the hardest. Here’s how

Why Go to Engineering and Music Schools

There are schools all over the world where you can study audio engineering. Audio engineering schools like MI, therefore, have to do something to make sure they stand out from the crowd. They mainly do this by offering comprehensive practical and theoretical experiences, while also focusing on specific elements of music, such as loops, grooves, and beats. The field of audio engineering is incredibly wide, which is why many schools

Is Campus Life Right for You?

When people think of obtaining their MBA at university, campus life automatically seems to pop to mind. It just goes hand-in-hand; or at least it used to. Whether you are just about to begin university or you’ve already started, it’s quite normal to wonder if campus life is right for you. Maybe you’re starting to think that online learning is the better choice, which leads you to wonder can campus-based

Top Careers in Education: School Counselor

Aside from teachers and administrative positions, there are other job options you can explore if you’re interested in a career in education. Assuming the role of a counselor at school is a great option to look into, especially since this is the job that allows you to help students the most. A school counselor is required to have a set of qualities and skills, but these too are easy to

Gospel for Asia

Asia is a place where most of the counties are on a developing stage and at such places, there are many issues which are not solved with government funding alone. Such problems include public health, education, women empowerment and rural development as a whole and these issues are often addressed by several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and Gospel for Asia, which is founded by K. P. Yohannan is one such NGO

College Costs 101 A Breakdown of University_Expenses

When you think about the cost of college, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is tuition, but there are several other expenses to consider when preparing for your first year of college. Room and Board Some colleges offer dorms for students, which often have cafeterias and meal plans available. You will usually also need furnishings for your living space. The average annual cost for room and board

Classroom Tech: 5 Must-Have Apps for Teachers

Many young people use mobile apps for everything from communicating with friends to looking up information online. These five must-have apps could help teachers do their jobs while making sure students learn important material. Edmodo Image via Google Play Teachers need to stay in contact with students and parents, but the thought of constant prank phone calls and toilet papered lawns often makes them reluctant to make their personal contact