Everything You Need to Know about the Proper Disposal of Waste – and What You can Do

Thinking about waste and garbage is not a pleasant activity – at least not for most. Pity, because a lot of good can be done when we put our minds to it. As a matter of fact, the benefits are far-reaching. It’s not just about protecting the environment, even though that’s to everybody’s advantage. Neither is it only about an altruistic sense of doing good and being responsible. Getting rid

Your All-Important Guide to the Good Pests that can Actually Help Your Hydroponics Setup

The fact is that you won’t have too many problems with pests if you’re careful and pay due attention when entering your indoor hydroponic garden – an indoor hydroponic garden is, after all, protected from nature, and the chances of bad insects or bugs entering is minimised. However, now and again, bugs do enter despite our strict preventive measures, and it often causes panic. Should it? Not necessarily. There is

Gospel for Asia

Asia is a place where most of the counties are on a developing stage and at such places, there are many issues which are not solved with government funding alone. Such problems include public health, education, women empowerment and rural development as a whole and these issues are often addressed by several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and Gospel for Asia, which is founded by K. P. Yohannan is one such NGO

The real cost of the increasing energy consumption

Making the world a better, healthier, and more sustainable place for future generations is certainly no easy task; if you’re researching environmental law programs, you’ve taken the first step toward making a difference. There are myriad environmental issues fighting for our attention – one of the biggest being energy consumption and its environmental impact. See the details about this important issue in the below infographic: Read more [...]

How Renewable Energy is Impacting our Earth

The use of renewable energy is expanding in the United States. In the electric power sector, renewables are expected to grow 2.6 percent in 2015 and non-hydropower renewable power generation is expected to grow 6.9 percent. Moving away from traditional power sources to sustainable alternatives has a global impact that reaches far beyond American homes and businesses, creating beneficial changes around the world. Reducing Global Warming Emissions Image via Flickr