3 kitchen appliances that can save you a lot of time and trouble

Being a cook isn’t all that easy nowadays, but if you are adamant about preparing your own food, we’re here to help. There are heaps of reasons to start considering making your own recipes at home, and the most important one seems to be the fact that you will know what you will put in them. On top of that, cooking your own food gives you the freedom to experiment

6 Top Nutritional Benefits of Lobsters You Should Know

Lobsters are a good catch for seafood lovers. Though pricey, this shellfish is considered a delicacy that’s best cooked alive. Aside from its delicious taste, lobsters have surprising health benefits that give you more good reasons to eat them. According to the USDA, approximately 145 grams or one cup of cooked lobster contains only 129 calories, with no carbohydrates, 1 gram of fat and a good amount of protein at

Organic Food Sales in UK Continue to Grow

Not long ago, the idea of having organic produce delivered to your door might have seemed something of a fad, an option only for die-hard organic foodies. But it appears that independent organic food suppliers across the UK have helped grow sales of organic food produce to levels similar to those enjoyed pre-recession. It’s no fad 2015 saw 4.9% growth in the sale of organic products, accounting for just under

How to Find the Perfect Caterer for Your Next Celebration

So that your next celebration will be a memorable one, it’s important to find just the right caterer in the Birmingham area for your food and beverage needs. You’ll have to consider the budget that you have, the number and ages of your guests, and the type of meal or snacks that you want to provide at your event. You should find a reliable caterer so that you won’t have

Own Acres Of Land? Here’s How To Live Off It!

Most of us will spend our time buying groceries from our local supermarkets each week. To all intents and purposes, they are our primary sources of food and drink. Of course, that wasn’t always the story. Many generations ago, we would have to grow our food and produce our own drinks. In some cases, we would have to trade things that we’ve grown for food made by our neighbours. These

5 Practical Apps To Discover Organic and Locally Grown Food

Do you want to make a change in your diet to eat healthier? With the new year around the corner, many people will list losing weight and eating healthy as their top resolutions. There is no reason to make this journey alone. There are apps to help find organic and locally grown food to help meet your weight loss and healthy eating goals. Here are five apps, for your computer

Got Pain? It Could Be What You’re Not Eating

Low fat. No fat. Reduced fat. These days, fat is considered the enemy to anyone who wants to lose or maintain their weight. Grocery store shelves are full of nonfat or reduced fat versions of traditionally high fat or unhealthy foods. Want to lose weight and still eat cookies? No problem! Want a slice of pizza without the guilt? Just add some nonfat cheese! Except that the American obsession with

5 Ways What You Eat Impacts Your Hearing

Most people are familiar with the saying, “You are what you eat.” But, what if “you hear what you eat” were also true? The British Journal of Nutrition has reported that researchers have compared the intake of specific nutrients to hearing loss in a group of adults, aged 45 to 60 years old. Baseline hearing levels were assessed at the start of the study and then taken periodically during the

London, the land of eternal love story

London, the true paradise for lovers with its irresistible charms of history, royalty, magnificent culture, stunning architecture, grand museums, fascinating diversity and enticing pizzas, has been one of the most sought after tourist destinations for ages. The city of London boasts of historic splendour; the antiquity, majestic buildings, eye-catching milestones all speaks of the unique biography of the city. With spectacular ancient remains dotting the city London has nicely preserved

3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight-Gain

As the holiday season approaches everyone is getting excited about the great tasting food and sweets that are going to be around the table. However, nobody is getting excited about the aftermath of all that great eating. Thats right, the weight gain that can easily occur during the holiday season putting all those hard days at the gym out the window. So, here are three tips that will help you survive the