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The Real Benefits of GP Consultations over Your Smart Phone

Technology has certainly changed our lives in many significant ways, and it looks like it has also begun changing the way we set GP appointments and consultations. Today, you can already benefit from GP consultations – over a smartphone or another mobile device, no less! The beauty of such a service is clear, as you no longer need to wait for weeks just to get checked if you’re feeling under

The Top Four Benefits of Membrane Switches for the Medical Sector

There are a variety of interface alternatives for many users today, such as membrane keyboards and switches, but did you know that membrane switches have already been used for more than two decades? Membrane switches first came out as user interfaces for products such as games, appliances, controls for automobiles, and more. But when it comes to the medical sector, membrane switches have proven their advantages as well. Here are

Three Tips for Maintaining Your Current Lifestyle as You Age

Staying happy well into old age means being able to do the things we love. Unfortunately, our health can get in the way. From medical problems to mental decline, many seniors end up having to alter their lifestyle, even though they don’t want to. No matter how old you are, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy your current lifestyle as long as

Fighting Stress with Aromatherapy Oils

In our busy lives, stress is a common symptom. We’ve all experienced the effects of stress as it interferes with our moods, our behaviors, and even our physical health. Dennis Wong notes that chronic stress can lead to serious or even fatal health conditions, and is a leading precursor to heart attacks and strokes. While many people believe that stress is a fact of life, there are solutions to reducing

What Kinds of Health Insurance Plan Do You Really Need?

When some people think about insurance, they sometimes forget that health insurance plans come in many different forms. There isn’t just one type because people need different levels of medical care. So you need to do some basic research, figure out what you need, and then pick the right type of insurance to cover those needs. So let’s identify some key questions and issues to help identify your needs. For

How to get fit at home

Everyone wants a fit body so that they can feel and look good in their clothing. There is nothing like shopping with the confidenceofknowing, without a doubt, that the clothesonthe store rails will fit. More than just looking great, fit bodies usually mean healthy ones. Atoned and conditioned physique is a recipe for long-lasting energy throughout the day and is accompanied by a feeling of well-being. Gym memberships and their


Stay In Your Best Form With These Top Places   It is quintessential to take care of your general well being. We tend to get so busy in our day-to-day lives, it gets completely off of our lists. The more you ignore “You”, the more devastating the results. It is vital to get regular health check ups from a professional. Therefore, we have here a list of places to get

UK web-based primary care services are being suspended by the national regulator

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the UK has recently suspended and warned a number of healthcare service providers after discovering that the providers were endangering patients with sub-par service. The primary issues involved failures to confirm patient identities before prescribing medications, not connecting with patients’ usual GPs, among other things. One provider did not spend sufficient time assessing patients before making a diagnosis, with some patient questionnaires taking only Read

Should You be Concerned about EMFs? Your Top Questions Answered

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are all around us. The ordinary modern household has many different sources of electromagnetic fields, from your average microwave oven to your mobile phone, vacuum cleaner, electric razor, and a lot more. If you are experiencing physical and psychological symptoms which you can’t seem to explain, you may actually be overexposed to electromagnetic fields. What are EMFs? EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are specific areas or fields

Prescription Drugs & Alcohol: Know the Dangers

According to the Health Survey for England, almost 50 per cent of adults in the UK take prescription drugs on a regular basis, and so it is perhaps no surprise that fatal overdoses involving prescription medications are on the rise. Medicines such as opiates (codeine), anti-depressants, stimulants and sedatives are widely prescribed by doctors for the treatment of common conditions such as arthritis, depression, and chronic pain, and as such,