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The Future Of VR, AR and SLAM

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning are currently the biggest trends when it comes to technology and development, whether if it’s for a website, an app or a video game. How do they intersect though? What’s the power behind ultra fast-processing machines combined with Virtual Reality? Why SLAM is reshaping all the apps we are currently using to move around and for navigation? Let’s break this down in more Shows What You Need to Know about Bad Sectors on Your Hard Drive

There are many contributing factors to decreasing PC performance. You will immediately notice that something is wrong when programs are freezing, and it takes longer than usual for you to perform basic processes. This is not uncommon because all computers will eventually become vulnerable to errors. One example is having bad sectors on your hard drive. Here, explains about dealing with bad sectors on your computer. What are bad Shows You How to Fix “The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error

Many who rely on using computers understand how frustrating it is to encounter errors with their operating system. It is a fact that errors will occur, and there is no fool-proof operating system out there. It is also most inconvenient when your computer is linked to a network, and you experience “The RPC is Unavailable” error. What is this error, and why is it commonly encountered when devices are linked

The Future Phones of 2018

When it comes to the evolution of mobile phones, there is always something in the pipeline. As soon as you read about the latest upcoming phone, another article about the next big handset is already being written. Now, if you’re looking to buy a phone soon, better wait for 2018 as it has quite a few models in reserve! Nokia Nokia’s next smartphone is rumoured to be known as the

Understanding IBM iSeries Disaster Recovery Solutions

IBM iSeries disaster recovery solutions is something that has been around for a very long time. However, as technology has evolved, so have the recovery solutions. Because it is so widespread, however, and most organization have their own proprietary or custom systems, these solutions go by very different names. It may be called DRaaS, warm start, cold start, on site, remote off site, back up, high availability, business continuity, business

Converting Business Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

Most businesses publish and distribute videos fairly frequently nowadays for marketing, promotion, training or other reasons. If you feel your business is going to be doing the same, you may want a way to convert videos to make certain they’re compatible or optimize them for certain platforms.   If you’re worried that you don’t really know what format to use when converting business videos or that it all sounds too

EaseUS – Easy Recovery of Your Lost Data for Free

It’s a disastrous situation when your computer is totally crashed and your operating system is not being loaded. However, today you can overcome such a situation with a wonderful software tool named EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This tool can be propelled from bootable media and it will recover your data you otherwise couldn’t have accessed. Recovering Data Deleted from Recycle Bin and During Hard Drive Reformatting If accidentally your files

Affordable GPS Technology Has Made It Easy and Efficient to Track a Vehicle

GPS based tracking systems, when installed on your vehicle makes it easy to track the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world. This system can assist you in several different situations whether on the trip, going out or coming into a specified geographical limit, improve the security of your car in a risky neighborhood, or to know the state of the vehicle. To make the best use of this

Converting Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

When you encounter a video that you can’t seem to play you may try to find a specialized media player for that format. While that may work sometimes, odds are you’ll eventually run into a format that you can’t seem to play regardless and in the process you’ll end up having to use a variety of different media players for different formats.   The good news is that Movavi Video

How to stand out as a web developer

There is a rising tide of coding and web development trainees coming onto the market. As one of the most accessible starting points, winning good web development work is a highly competitive effort. Freelance and contract-based web development offers excellent flexibility, but along with the freedom of working from home comes the challenges of winning work when the whole world is competing for those same opportunities. Employ the following strategies