Choosing the Right Engagement Ring For Life

Getting engaged is a life defining moment that should be marked with the perfect ring to celebrate the perfect moment in your life.


Choosing a ring to mark or celebrate the most special moment in your life is a task that requires extensive time and care to ensure you have a ring on your finger that you are going to love admiring and enjoy for the rest of your life.


When choosing an engagement ring there are many considerations to take into account including the choice of gem, a diamond engagement ring, a sapphire engagement ring, a moissanite engagement ring, a ruby engagement ring, or an emerald engagement ring, the options are numerous.  Also the cut of the stone, the setting style and material used are important choices to think about for your perfect engagement ring.


The different choices of stones available is wide.  Diamonds are often the stone of choice for engagement rings as their strength, durability and ability to withstand scratching make them an ideal option for everyday wear.  Although the most expensive stones to buy, the price of diamonds can vary a lot  according to carat, cut, color, clarity and shape.  A dazzling white appearance is most closely associated with diamonds, however, they can come in different colored variations such as yellow, blue, red, orange, pink, green, and even  black.


Again, due to their strength and durability properties, sapphires are another popular choice of gem for engagement rings as they can be worn on a daily basis without fear of being damaged.  The most common and popular color identified with sapphires is blue, but they can also be purple, pink, yellow and like diamonds, can be black.  Rubies and emeralds are two other popular engagement gem choices, although they are not as strong as diamonds and sapphires.


A unique look can be created by using one of the wide range of different stone cuts that are available.  There is an asscher cut, cushion cut, princess cut, oval and emerald cut to name some of the more commonly used ones.  Gem size can often determine which cut is best to use.


A finished product’s look can be completely transformed by using either platinum, white gold or regular 18k gold, so careful consideration needs to be employed when choosing this element of the engagement ring.  Additionally, the choice of setting can dramatically alter the appearance of a ring, and like cuts there are many available options for settings.  Prong settings and solitaire settings are the most popular setting choices and are perfect when used with princess cut stones.  A Tiffany setting amplifies light reflection of the stones brilliantly and its use of 6 claws ensures the safety of the stones.  A modern setting that is considered to be exceedingly safe is the bezel setting, as it circles the stone, and holds it very firmly in place.  Channel cettings are often used for a ring destined for everyday use as stones are very rarely lost from this style of setting.

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