Five Essential iPhone Travel Apps

It’s hard enough to break down iPhone apps into five categories in the first place; it’s even harder trying to limit each of those categories to one single ‘best’ app. You do need the essentials, though. Everyone loves smartphones and their apps because they are portable—which is why the bare essentials are usually related to travel. Here are my five essential iPhone apps you should already have on your smartphone.

Google Maps – Navigating

Whether we drive, walk, or use public transport, a map app will always come in handy. Unfortunately, Apple decided to test their own version in the IOS 6. To no surprise, it was complete garbage. Up until just this week, you couldn’t get the old version back. Thankfully, Google released their Google Maps App which you can download for free. This gives you information on public transit, bikes, and walking directions. You’ll need an internet connection, just like the old one, to use all the features.

HotelClub – Accommodation

The HotelClub app is the newest of today’s pick, combining features from the best hotel apps out there to put together in one place. It makes life for someone who travels as much as me much easier. The user interface is simple, attractive, and easy to use. You can literally book a hotel in 3 taps. Use their map to find nearby hotels with photos and reviews. You can filter and sort it to your liking; whether you have a pet, children, require an airport shuttle, need a gym, spa, a pool, Wi-Fi, or literally anything. You can also get HotelClub member’s points which give you discounts on your next booking.

iHeartRadio – Radio

Clear Channel Communications really developed a little gem with this one. iHeartRadio includes over 800 live and digital-only radio stations from across the world. Yes, other apps may offer thousands of stations, but the ones on iHeartRadio are the country’s most popular. You can create your own radio stations revolving around a song or artist. It certainly has the best program quality, selection process, and live/custom radio stations—that’s enough to give it the spot for the best radio app!

Urbanspoon – Dining

Urbanspoon is perfect for those looking to try new things. We often get bored of our usual food choices, and it can take forever to find something new and exciting. You can use this when you’re traveling abroad, too, to ensure you try the best in the city. Simply shake your iPhone as you would a Magic 8 Ball from your childhood and it will find the best of the best. You can also get reviews from sites like Zagat and Eater.

FlightTrack – Airports/Flights

The best of the best, crème de la crème, of all Airport and Flight apps is FlightTrack. This is an essential for any regular traveller, especially for those on frequent business trips or connecting flights. It gives you information on flight delays, weather difficulties, gate changes, and more. You can get up-to-date departure information and check detailed satellite maps when you’re in the air, too. Forget about the hassle of finding your bags when you land because you’ll get your baggage claim numbers and arrival gate details as soon as you arrive.

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Sachi is a loyal iPhone user and a tech-enthusiast who loves travelling around the world. If it wasn’t for his iPhone, he wouldn’t have been to half the places he’s visited to this day.

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