Healthy Summer Foods To Include In The Platter For The Forty Club

Healthy Summer Foods

Wrinkles, receding hairline and blemishes are few of the signs of the age bracket forty. It is during this time that the poor health shows its tool on the body. If you have just entered the forty clubs, the food that you eat will change due to a change in the body. With forty, the reaction of the body to the food you changes. The rate of energy burnt through various exercises also changes with the approaching age. If you continue the eating pattern of your twenty’s, then you might end up in gaining weight. The risk of diabetes and cardiovascular is a major risk of concern in the fourth decade. The blood pressure and the cholesterol level also rise with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Have nutrient in full

Summer is a great time of the year as the nature is abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables. Pick any of these and soak in the nutrient value and the health benefits that are store in them. Staying fit and having healthy food is important in the 40s. During the summers, there are few foods that you need to include in your daily diet

  • Cherries- It is a rich source of the antioxidant anthocyanin and it is useful for treating arthritis and gout. Gout is caused in men due to the rise in the uric acid. In the researches it has been proved that regular intake of cherries fir breakfast, the secretion of uric acid was affected. You can have a handful of cherries or have a glass of juice three to four times a week. It also helps to slim down regain the perfect shape that you always wanted.
  • Tomatoes- Another source of the antioxidant lycopene offers protection to arteries against atherosclerosis and also prevents the formation of cancer and spread of the cancerous cells. It also protects the skin from tanning and burns caused due to the blazing sun rays. Lycopene is absorbed well when cooked, so it is advisable to cook the tomatoes in different forms. Juice, sauce, puree can be good choices in this regard.
  • Whole Milk- Drinking whole milk helps in preventing the reduction of muscle mass that is associated with ageing. Having a glass of milk after exercise can increase the muscle mass. It is good for bone health and also assists in blood clotting. It is recommended that the intake of milk needs to be higher for women in comparison to men. During summers, it is great to have whole milk added to tea and coffee and have those cold and chill.
  • Beans- These are considered to be the storehouse of nutritional forces. Soy beans are in particular beneficial for men and women alike after forty. The Isoflavones present in the soybeans are known to lower the cholesterol level and increases the bone density as the level of protein osteocalcin boosts in the blood, among the post-menstrual women. Among men, it is known to improve the fertility. You need to consume it fresh twice or thrice a week. It is believed that these seeds affect the hormone level. Beans are known to have soluble fiber that lower the cholesterol level and regulate blood sugar.
  • Leafy green vegetables- To end the list of the healthy foods that you need to have once you cross forty is the green vegetables. They protect the cell and are full of antioxidants, Vitamin A and C. Since they contain water, they keep the body hydrated in the summer. You can have as salad or a smoothie.

Apart from these you can also replace the seasoning of the salad and other food items. You can start using oil-sprayer to cut down a little on the fat. Since there is a change in the metabolic rate you need to plan your menu accordingly.

Author Bio: John Montgomery has availed the services from medicare supplement New York on the vent of his recent illness. Here he has enlisted the foods that you should have in the approaching summer to stay healthy.

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