Is Campus Life Right for You?

When people think of obtaining their MBA at university, campus life automatically seems to pop to mind. It just goes hand-in-hand; or at least it used to. Whether you are just about to begin university or you’ve already started, it’s quite normal to wonder if campus life is right for you.

Maybe you’re starting to think that online learning is the better choice, which leads you to wonder can campus-based MBA students transfer into the online MBA program once they’ve started. Let’s take a closer look at campus life and see if you can make the jump to online learning.

The Facts of Campus Life

Campuses provide university students a place to live while attending school. The campus is located on the same grounds as the school so obviously there is no commute to worry about. It’s all about convenience, and while it certainly provides that, there are some downfalls.

For many students, the biggest problem with campus life is the cost. Living in residency isn’t cheap. Likely you will be moving from another city/town, which also means you may be giving up a part-time job. So now you’re living in a new place, trying to cover the costs of living, without any income. Often students end up having to find a job near the campus, but that can be tough since so many others have the same plan.

Another big con is the fact you will likely be living in a much tighter space. Campus dorms and residences are notorious for their lack of space. You are often sharing a room with someone else, which means personal space is a thing of the past. This can also make it hard to study if you need quiet time and you’ve got a roommate doing their own thing.

No matter what residency you choose there are built-in rules which you must follow. They may not be to your liking, but there is no option.

Let’s also point out that there is often a meal plan with residency and unfortunately it can be both expensive and not exactly what you would want.

If you’re the type that has a large group of friends, is close with their family and likes where they live, then you need to be prepared to be hit by homesickness.

What to Do?

Campus life obviously isn’t all bad, and for many students it’s the best option. But that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. The good news is that because there are so many universities that offer online learning, there’s no reason you have to live on campus. You may ask is the online MBA accredited, while the answer is “yes”. As long as you pick a reputable university and ask about its accreditation, you will be fine.

Don’t Feel Trapped

As you look at your options it’s important you don’t feel trapped, even if you’ve already started your MBA program on-campus. Many schools offer ways to transfer to the online program instead, provided you meet the requirements and you are in good academic standings with the school.

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