Planning and Budgeting Home Extension Project

Will this add on to the real estate value of my home? That’s a pressing question most of homeowners planning to sell their house. Home extension is the toughest part of home renovations as it involves integrating a new layout in your existing home. Though it is a tough task to extend your home but it is a perfect way to get an extra space you need.


Even after storing your possessions in storage unit there are many things that still leave behind that asks for more space. And let’s face it young mothers requires more space than new brides just like wives require more space than girlfriends. Whatever it is, you need to plan carefully and in best way. Also, proper procedures should be followed in order to escape any legal hurdles.


Here are the points that can help you shun away all the intricacies of home extension project:

  •          Hit a good trades person: Finding a good trades person is the major task that should be done before starting your project. You can search on internet or get recommendations from friends to find a good trades person.
  •          Legal permissions: Such major changes like extension in your home require legal permission of planning commission. You can go through all the legal permissions in the planning commission guides about whether you need to ask for permits or not. Apart from this, the local authority of your locality also deals with such issues.
  •          Asking Neighbors: Before taking any planning permissions it is important to talk to your neighbors because they might have certain issues regarding the extension. Talk to your neighbors about your extension project. This can even benefit you in some ways. Like if you a common wall and they are interested in it too. You can tell them to share the expense. This is beneficial for adjoining properties. To be on the safe side you could a sign an agreement so that none of you can back off from payments or any legal responsibilities anytime in future.

After taking all the legal permissions you must plan to budget this extension.

  •          The cost of building largely depends upon the building materials, fixtures and fitting used in the extension project.
  •          Plan your budget by taking into consideration what type of extension you are building and how big the extension is.
  •          A well planned extension budget is the one which also involve contingencies. Contingency is the extra amount included in the budget for all the unseen expenses. For example if tradesperson is taking longer than usual you might require the extra money.
  •          Other things that require money are, taking legal permissions and consultations about the best tradesperson to complete the extension.

Warehouses and storage units often come to your rescue whenever your house starts overflowing with things. But extending your home provides you and your family an opportunity to move to a larger home without any hassle.

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