Reasons Why You Might Want To Get A Tree Survey Done

Trees are really important for all of us, our health and tranquillity. We see countless trees adding beauty to streets and yards, offering shade when days are hot. The problem is that we do take trees for granted. It is our responsibility to take care of them so from time to time, we might need to contact a Tree Survey arboricultural consultant. When should this be done? Here are some reasons why a tree survey might be something you need.

Keeping Trees Healthy

Plants need to be pruned, watered and fed in order to stay beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, trees are often ignored because of their size. The arborist can examine trees and recommend some really simple steps that will help you to protect them. If you do not think about the health of the tree, you need to at least think about the fact you made an investment when you planted it. Without proper maintenance, the investment is lost.

Discover Diseases And Pests Early

Due to the size of the tree, most people notice that there is a problem just when it is really bad. Prevention is really important when it comes to pests that affect the tree and diseases that destroy it. In many cases you cannot save the tree if you wait too long before you start the treatment.

Prevent Home Damage

You often need to contact the arborist in order to see if the tree is dangerous for your property. Tree limbs can easily snap off in the event that there is a storm or the wind is too strong. If the broken tree limbs fall on your car on your roof, the damage can be substantial. It is thus really important to often prune back the tree so the possibility that they are going to fall on your house is reduced.

Prevent Home Foundation Damage

When examining trees, most people look just at what is visible. The tree survey goes beyond that and also analyses the tree’s roots. This is important since roots can easily enter the property’s foundation in the event that they are really strong or big. The structural damage that can be created by roots can easily shift the entire home and make it a hazard to live in it.

Protecting Trees When Construction Work Is Done

Renovations or new constructions can so easily damage the roots of the tree while weakening the support system. Tree surveys help to learn how to properly safeguard trees during construction projects. The homeowners basically receive advice about how to protect the condition and health of the trees they want to still have after the project is over.

Official Documentation

One thing that is lesser known is that the tree survey can offer documentation that is sometimes necessary to meet the authority standards set by local governments. This can be quite useful in the event that planning permission is needed. Data collated through surveys are used to form balanced plans that outline tree removal and necessary retention. The information gained is usually acceptable to the local councils.

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