Thanksgiving is Mostly about Turkey, Whether You Like It or Not

You might be thinking of shaking things up this year for Thanksgiving by ditching the turkey. You have a lot of new recipes in mind, and you worry that like last year, your turkey will be a disaster. Before you do it, you need to realize that it is not easy changing a tradition. Turkey is almost synonymous with Thanksgiving, and if you don’t have one on the dinner table, it seems like something is missing.

There is no clear history behind turkey as the main dish for Thanksgiving. Some people believe that it was one of the dishes served during the first Thanksgiving celebration, although historical records only mentioned a fowl and not a specific bird. Some people believe that it was because of Benjamin Franklin who insisted on serving turkey for Thanksgiving.

Over the years, people started having turkey on the table with different side dishes to complement the main meal. Replacing turkey won’t be a good idea. Your family members will disapprove, and you will also feel like you did not celebrate Thanksgiving at all.

If you can’t prepare turkey because it is a laborious task, you can take your family to Upper West Side restaurants. There are tons of restaurants to choose from. There might only be a few of them that remain open during the holidays, but they might prepare Thanksgiving specialities.

You don’t need to worry

Preparing your house for the family members who are coming over is stressful. It is even worse when you start thinking about what you will serve. You worry that you can’t please everyone at home. You also believe that the turkey will be a massive failure again like the previous year. Not having a good turkey dish on the table could ruin the celebration.

On the other hand, if you take your family to a nice restaurant, you will not worry about what to serve. You will dress up for dinner, head to the restaurant, and order. You can pre-order your meals so that when you arrive, they are ready for everyone.

You will feel the spirit of Thanksgiving when you don’t feel anxious. You will also recall all the things you are grateful for when you are in a restaurant waiting for the waiter to serve you.

Worth the cost

Yes, eating out might be more expensive than cooking at home, but if you think about how stressed you were when you prepared the meal last year, you might rather pay to go out. You can look for a restaurant with special offers if you worry about the cost. You may also inform your family members regarding your plans so that they might think about paying for their meal too.

Turkey will always be there on the table for a memorable Thanksgiving. You can’t replace it, but you can be smart and let someone else prepare it for you. Since you have nothing much to worry about, you can bond with the children and spend quality time talking to your parents.


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