The Freshest Residential Buildings Around the World

buildingsGreat architecture is, quite mistakenly, often said to be a luxurious indulgence. Architectural flourishes are seen to vestigial and of little function. However, there are plenty of residential buildings around the world which have the principle of form following function imbedded in them and yet are absolutely stunning masterpieces. Indeed, people around the world are now coming to terms with the fact that great architecture does not necessarily mean a beautifully designed archway or other indulgences, great architecture comprises of efficient usage of natural resources such as light and the space that is available. There are plenty of properties in Navi Mumbai which feature such designs and in lieu of great architecture, let’s look some of the top residential building in the world.

  • One57, New York

The One57 is one Manhattan’s newest landmarks and it has been designed by Christian de Portzamparc. It stands at just over a thousand feet tall and has ninety floors. Even though it will house the 210 room Park Hyatt in its lower levels, the One57 is perhaps the tallest residential building in New York. The hotel provides concierge services to residents and there are quite breathtaking views of Central Park on display.

  • Absolute Towers, Toronto

Located in the Misissauga suburb of Toronto, the Absolute Towers are a work of art. They have been designed by the critically acclaimed Chinese architect Ma Yansong and his firm, MAD Architects. The two towers have fifty six and fifty floors respectively and they both have wonderfully curvaceous designs which have never been seen before. One of the towers went up for sale in 2007 and it was sold out in twenty four hours. There are a combined total 880 units in both towers and the total cost of construction was around a hundred and eight million dollars. The Absolute Towers are quite possibly the best looking skyscrapers in the world.

  • HSB Turning Torso, Malmo

Here’s a design that you will not find in the properties in Navi Mumbai, the HSB Turning Torso is a six hundred foot tower which has been built around a core pipe measuring more than thirty five feet in diameter. The building was designed by Santiago Calatrava who incidentally, also designed a five mile bridge connection Malmo to Copenhagen. Calatrava’s design is quite a looker as there is a ninety degree twist in the building as you move from floor to floor. The walls are around eight feet in thickness at the base and sixteen inches at the top. Another really important point to note is that the tower is powered by locally manufactured renewable energy, thus being quite economical and environmentally sensitive as well.

  • Linked Hybrid, Beijing

An interesting concept, the Linked Hybrid in Beijing truly embraces the concept of a city in the sky. The Linked Hybrid consists of three interconnected towers and it was designed by architect Steven Holl. Holl designed the towers to allow people to move freely from one tower to the other. There are schools, cinemas, hotels and even shops and public gardens in the towers. The Linked Hybrid is also a paragon for environmentally sensitive designs. The entire structure is cooled by six hundred and fifty five geo-thermal wells located three hundred and twenty eight feet underground. These help keep the building temperatures temperate in winters and summers.

  • Aqua, Chicago

Designed by Jeanne Gang, head of Studio Gang Architects, the Aqua features on this list predominantly for its design based flourished. It is not a strictly residential complex as it houses the Radisson Blu Hotel, offices and high end retail stores. However, there are condominiums and penthouses which are available. The entire building is inspired by the characteristics of water and has curving concrete ‘fins’ which extend up to twelve feet in length. The building also has spectacular views of Millenium Park.


Thomas Sorenson is a former architect turned free lance writer. Thomas has worked on many buildings and skyscrapers around the world and his work has been universally acclaimed. Contact Thomas for advice regarding properties in Navi Mumbai and to appraise their architectural merits and demerits.


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