Timeless fashion and symbol of love: Eternity Diamond Ring

Diamond_Engagement_Ring_White_Gold_by_1791_DiamondFashion is a mode of self expression. Change in era has made fashion a cardinal need amongst people. Need for style statement has encapsulated men and women with the change in eras. Clothes, shoes, jewelries, glares, hairdo are the few things that scintillate your senses when you think of the word fashion. Another fact that strikes your mind is New York City, the fashion capital of the world.  Fashion lovers always make an effort to witness the latest fashion fiesta in the fashion capital to make sure that they are the first ones to flaunt it ensuring that they do not let any fleeting moment of making a fashion statement pass by.

It is very unlikely that New York City will disappoint you in any aspect whatsoever. You could be an avid food lover venturing into a gastronomic journey or a sports fanatic. You could be interested in music or in this case, looking at fashion. Then of course why would NYC not be a place to complete women’s shopping agenda.  Diamond is always in high demand among the people of New York, as use of diamond jewelry is the most effective way to make fashion statement. This leads to unquenching thirst for diamonds amongst the people of New York. Diamonds are known to be the best friend any woman ever had. However, the opposite sex may not exactly want to acknowledge the aforementioned fact as it will only lead to a massive dent being borne in their pockets. Being a woman’s best friend, it is only natural for them to lose themselves completely at the sight of these gleaming jewels all huddled together and snug in one small store.

It would be unfair to not mention the fact that women always harbor the secret desire of being proposed to by the man of their dreams with a massive, luminous rock emblazoned into a ring.  Eternity rings will only add to this sheer romance.

Seamlessly turning this dream into reality is far simpler than you may have thought. If you are contemplating buying a diamond ring for the love of your life, these interesting facts mentioned below will certainly work their magic on you.

About eternity ring

1)     Eternity rings are a blend of round band made of gold and set with a continuous line of identical diamonds. It is worn by women on their hand.

2)     The concept of this ring was seeded by a diamond merchant De Beers in the year 1960’s

3)     Instead of buying a full eternity ring, you can go for half eternity ring which will have diamonds across the face of the ring only. 

Styling and Price of the rings

1)     You can opt for round , emerald , cushion or radiant shape diamonds on the ring, ranging from 0.5 to 9 carats

2)     You can go for three stud rings or five to seven stud rings if you find full eternity ring too cumbersome to wear

3)     The price range of rings are between 600$ to 32,548 $ approximately

4)     You can opt for 18 k yellow, 18 k white or plat metal to make your ring look extraordinary amongst the crowd

Things to know before buying

1)     As the rings have identically studded diamonds you should always make sure that you check and view the number of diamonds side by side in a professional environment.

2)     You should also know that bigger the diamonds on the ring, the prettier they look and costlier they become

3)     However, there is a possibility that certain diamonds may seem eerily similar but may be priced differently. This is often due to the difference in carats.

4)     Be sure that the diamonds are GIA certified as opposed to being fake stones.

Fashion today has become more than just glamour. It’s more about how you present yourself in the public, the right kind of attire you wear and right kind of jewelry you select. Diamonds not only mirror sophistication but also add to the beauty of women. It seamlessly matches with every element in your wardrobe making you look effortlessly gorgeous every single time you step out of your home.

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Kenny is a diamond lover herself and she goes gaga as she walks through the streets in NYC glaring at the eternity rings. She has been in the writing industry for quite some time now and loves to write about fashion and diamonds that go hand in hand for her.

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