Tips for decorating your first home

home decorMoving into a new home gives you a lot of scope of decorating it the way you always wanted to, without the fuss of having to shift things in and out during the renovation. Here are some suggestions to make sure it goes correct:

1. Clean your old apartment. Even before you finalise a new place, get ahead of the game by planning this process beforehand. This important first step will not only make your current stuff easier to wrap and assemble, but it will also make the entire process of moving in quicker. You must get rid of old stuff as much as you can. Only stuff that matches your new home decor theme should be allowed in. This is the perfect reason to start your home decor from scratch. You can put up a garage sale, auction it off on any buy-sell website or donate it to charity. You’ll be amazed with the utility of such activities.

2. Start off with your bedroom. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time while you’re at home. If you’re not on a tight budget, then you could look for new bedding first. You can also paint the bedroom walls to complement your new bedding. Although make sure that your entire room’s furniture style is also in sync and not just the bed. Early risers must opt for a lighter palette of colors while the night owls should choose deeper tones.

3. Refrain from buying everything at once. Stay in your new house for a couple of months before you start doing larger purchases which are more of decor elements than a necessity initially. How you think you will use the area of the house and how you actually spend your time in the house are two different things. Once you start using every nook and corner of your home then you might get ideas of how to utilise every space effectively. If you have booked a place in upcoming commercial projects in BKC, Thane or any suburb where spaces are huge in general, and you have seen the apartments only in brochures, then you should definitely wait longer to buy any product for your home.

4. You might get the urge to match everything as it is, but it isn’t necessary to match each and every little element. A few pieces with the same styling should be good to go, but any more than that would make your home look like the furniture store itself without any life and style of your own. Make sure your own personal style shows through your home and home decor accessories. Take care of proportion, scale and balance of your furniture and accessories in each room of your home. Placing five bulk pieces of furniture into a small cramped room. Don’t go overboard if you have a large space available too.

5. If you’ve moved into your first place with furniture that dates back to the 1960s to now, don’t worry. The most easy way and also economical way to overcome this problem is unifying the decor through color. For example, if you have a sofa that you wish to move into your newly bought home in a flat booked in any commercial projects in BKC, which has only one thing in common that you can use in the rest of your home’s decor, then bank on it and use it in tints and hinges across the decor.

6. Solve practical problems with inexpensive methods. In your bathroom, something as simple as replacing the a lighting arrangement can immediately improve the appearance. Find out such small inexpensive methods around you and you can do wonders with your decor.

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Pamela L is a famous interior decorator. She is renowned for her unique and innovative decor ideas and themes. She writes extensively about decor tips, international updates and news of the industry on her blog. Currently she is the official interior decorator of current upcoming commercial projects in BKC.

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