Turning an Old House into an Energy-Efficient Place

There are advantages and disadvantages if you live in an old house. It is excellent if you consider the historical value of the place and its ability to withstand changes over the years. However, it could also be disadvantageous given that it is not energy efficient. The house still uses the technology of the past. Considering how the said technology led to damage in the environment, it is imperative to find a way to change the place.


Instead of destroying the house to create a new one from scratch, you could instead remodel or retrofit the place to achieve your goals. Various ways are available to ensure that you could achieve your goals.


Prioritise insulation


When the house does not have proper insulation, you could end up wasting too much energy. For instance, if you turn off the heating devices on a winter night, it would be freezing inside your house. With proper insulation, you will only turn the heater on for a while, and even if you turn it off, the room’s temperature will stay the same. You can use SIPs panels UK manufacturers supply if you wish to improve insulation and lower your energy bills. These insulated panels have a superior quality to make sure that your roof and ceiling can provide better insulation.



Invest in energy-efficient appliances


You also need to consider buying new appliances that are energy efficient and support eco-friendly practices. These appliances will help reduce the number of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. If all houses start using energy efficient appliances, there could be a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emissions. You can check the labels on the appliances to see if they are energy efficient before you decide to buy them.


Install energy-efficient windows


Like the use of SIPs, you will also improve insulation at home with the use of energy-efficient windows. You can have double-glazed windows as an alternative to the ones that you are currently using. If not through walls or ceilings, heat could escape through the windows. Therefore, it helps if you have double-glazed windows at home. Like the panels, installing new windows could also reduce the need for heating or cooling appliances, and decrease your monthly electric bills.


Choose eco-friendly paint


Conventional paint used at home may contain compounds that are not only harmful to the environment but your health too. Therefore, if you decide to renovate an old house, it would be great if you use eco-friendly paint. Buying organic paint will reduce the number of poisonous substances present at home without necessarily affecting the quality of the appearance.


Be smart


Choosing the right materials to use for your home is critical to ensure that it becomes modern and energy efficient. You can ask your builder to determine which materials would be suitable for achieving your goals and ask for a quotation. Check the cost-effectiveness of the said materials before you decide to move forward with your plan.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/561igiTyvSk

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