11 Signs That Somebody is Lying to You

Knowing when somebody is telling a lie is a skill that almost anybody can learn. It’s a useful skill to have; nobody likes to be deceived, do they? There are many signs that can give the game away for a liar, but the following 11 are the most common and easy to spot.

  1. They Avoid Eye Contact

A liar will usually avoid eye contact with the person they’re lying to. As they do this, they may also hide their palms.

2. Inconsistencies in What They’re Telling You

Liars usually change their story every time they tell it. This isn’t on purpose; they forget little things they’re said, even if it’s just a specific word. No matter what kind of inconsistency you’ve noticed, it could be because you’re being told a lie.

3. They Avoid the Subject

A liar will want to avoid the subject altogether. Instead of bringing up the subject, bring up something closely related and see if the person wants to move on to another topic.


4. Tell tale Micro Expressions

A micro expression is a facial expression that is only shown on a person’s face for less than a second. This usually shows their real emotions underneath what they are telling you.

5. They Touch Their Nose

There is a slight bit of truth in the saying ‘your nose will grow if you tell lies’. When telling a lie, everybody gets a rush of adrenaline to the capillaries of the nose, which makes it itch. If a person is touching their nose more than normal, they could be lying.

6. They Touch Their Neck

Liars have been proven to touch their neck when lying, although it’ll be multiple times during the conversation.

7. Their Eye Movements Give it Away

Want to know how someones eyes can show if they are lying? If a person is right handed, their eyes will move up the left as they remember details. If they’re making something up, their eyes will move to the right. The opposite is true for left handed people. Although you shouldn’t judge on this alone, it can help.

8. They Sweat

People sweat more when they lie as they get nervous. However, the person you’re speaking to may be a naturally nervous person.

9. They Fidget

Fidgeting with their body or objects in the area could indicate a lie. This is from the nervous energy created by the fear of being caught.

10. They Don’t Sit Straight

Liars don’t sit straight, and they may even stay very still as they speak to you. Naturally, people mirror the body language of the person they’re talking to. However, people do this less when they are lying.

11. They Breathe Faster

Liars will usually take faster breaths. These are usually fast breaths, perhaps followed by a deep breath. This is due to the stress they feel from telling the lie.

If you spot a few of these signs at once, then chances are the person you’re speaking to is lying to you. See you later!

picture from Jintae Kim

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