16 Random Things About Cosmetic Surgery

When people think of cosmetic surgery, they often think of breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck and other body transforming aspects.

  1. Penis enlargements, they’re not done by a cosmetic surgeon. They are usually done by a urologist.
  2. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for the rich and famous – a lot of people with an annual income of $50,000 get procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and botox done too.
  3. Although chin liposuction is a great way to give you a better look for yourself, we strongly recommend to diet and exercise along with the surgery.
  4. Please don’t look for a more “affordable” plastic surgeon we want you to look your best, and the cheapest isn’t a better option. Here is a knockout post that will help you understand the need for a good plastic surgeon from places like tinercosmetic.com/ for several cosmetic procedures.
  5. We are so grateful for the surgeries we get to do at local clinics. Our jobs are very rewarding seeing your satisfaction and gratitude is everything.
  6. We can go for hours, surgery that is. Some of our procedures can be 12 hours or more.
  7. We can’t shut it off. Although we do ignore it – sometimes we asses “potential” patients when we’re out for dinner, or lunch, or even on the street.
  8. It’s not like we’re just a barbie factory, adding boobs here, trimming fat here, we can have some very interesting days. We can go from helping a child in a hospital with a defect, to our clinic doing a butt lift.
  9. We take our time, we want to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Or surpass your realistic expectations so we’ll asses as we do the surgery.
  10. We might have to turn you down. Approximately 30% of patients are turned down because of their high expectations and unrealistic wants.
  11. Liposuction is common, and the three common areas are the abdomen, thighs and back.
  12. Everyone thinks botox is strictly used for wrinkles. That’s not true botox has many uses. Botox can help with migraine headaches, eyelid/eyebrow twitches, and excessive sweating! Who knew!
  13. We’re all different, so make sure that you always, always, look around. Each Doctor is highly trained, but our arts are skilled differently. Check websites there’s often before and after pictures to help you see what you want for yourself.
  14. We usually have an artistic background. Whether it be sculpting, or painting we have something that keeps our hands busy.
  15. Seems crazy but there are over 20 different ways to do a procedure. Everyone’s look is different, so we have to help them achieve what they’re looking for. For example, think of how many noses are different.
  16. We do more then just Aesthetic surgeries, we also do reconstructive surgeries as well. What’s the difference? Aesthetic surgery is when you want a nose job or a Rhinoplasty in Bethesda, MD. Reconstructive is for those who have been in car accidents, birth defects, loss of limb, etc.

So before you start searching for a clinic that offers breast augmentation procedure or breast lift surgery near me, you need to take a look at the list of things you might not have known about cosmetic surgery.

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