3 Most Popular Ticket Booking Apps for Business Inspiration

It’s such a pleasure for people to be able to get a ticket for a certain concert, event, performance, sports game or movie easily and rapidly. Apart from regular customers there exist various businesses willing to sell tickets to their activities in a more efficient way. Today we shall check a few in-demand ticket booking software that managed to keep both sides happy. People can check out their website if they need the best business related advice and service.

However, to start with we are to speak of what types of ticket booking apps could possibly be. Agreed?

Ticket booking software variety

  • ticket booking for transportation;
  • events pass booking;
  • cinema tickets booking;
  • seminars passes booking;
  • plays tickets booking.

Right now we shall distinguish the brightest representatives of event apps revealing excellent ticket booking app features they provide. Here they come.

✓ SeatGeek

SeatGeek represents an amazing ticket booking app that allows purchasing tickets for various events, say, sports performances, exciting country music concerts, etc. Customers actually love the service, since it enables to purchase or to sale already bought tickets. Such an opportunity is appreciated, as plans might change, so people have to act accordingly.

Users must be happy to find out that all SeatGeek tickets are affirmed with a 100% customer guarantee.

Mentioned event app is pretty generous supporting multiple YouTubers that are posting sport video clips.

SeatGeek core parameters:

  • a possibility to scan SeatGeek for entering a certain event;
  • an ability to follow up on favorite celebrities and their performances;
  • an option to send purchased tickets to friends or relatives;
  • an opportunity to purchase various tickets in no time;
  • a possibility to learn on diverse events that could be of interest for particular users;
  • access to SeatGeek Marketplace to resell tickets without any effort (for the US customers only);
  • an ability to cash out tickets sold by users to their banking accounts.

Those are the key points on SeatGeek. It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

And we shall proceed to the next great ticket booking software which is…

✓ TicketMaster

TicketMaster is truly one of the best apps for ticket booking. It takes the lead in trading tickets for different cultural events for people in Canada and the USA. TicketMaster is an official ticket seller of the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, as well as the National Hockey League. It is a really decent ticket booking app. For businesses seeking to enhance their app experience and potentially cater to a broader audience, exploring the services of iphone app development sydney could be a strategic move.

Undoubtedly, the platform has deserved to be among the most popular event apps. It gives the audience whatever ticket they’re looking for, no matter if it’s NBA Finals or a rock singer show. Its users enjoy the possibility to select from a wide range of options available and to buy tickets they like. And it’s completely safe.

Let’s see what features TicketMaster owners decided to implement during their app development.

TicketMaster core parameters:

  • a possibility to look for events to attend;
  • a chance to see the newest constantly updating list of upcoming activities;
  • an ability to check seats via 3D maps before the purchase;
  • access to info on all future events;
  • an opportunity to sell tickets or to transfer them to friends (free-of-charge) if plans change;
  • an option to scan through the service to enter the venue;
  • guaranteed protection against hucksters;
  • a possibility to receive notifications on favorite activities coming.

TicketMaster is actually excellent. It’s a worthy ticket booking app with brilliant features.

Moving on here’s our last but not the least respectable event app.

✓ StubHub

StubHub is another dignified ticket booking software. When planning to attend diverse musical, cinema, sports or concert performances StubHub shall assist users in purchasing thickets they want.

StubHub covers around 40 European countries, Asia, the USA, ensuring a high level of protection while conducting operations. Tracking customers locations such ticket booking app customizes offers to provide users with what they need according to their interests and preferences, of course if you also need to manage paychecks using resources to create a paystub can be really useful for this purpose.

Customers who bought tickets and had their plans changed shall not get upset since StubHub is to help them in selling those tickets.

Given app development turned out to be quite challenging, as its owners were eager to stuff it with multiple incredible functionalities. Shall we check what they finally came up with?

StubHub core parameters:

  • a possibility to look for activities by certain categories, specific locations, etc.;
  • an option to receive some advice according to users’ accounts at 3rd party platforms;
  • access to information on performers and facilities;
  • a chance to view the venues through VR;
  • a possibility to enjoy “Favorites” when after adding favorite performers and facilities users will explore future activities;
  • an opportunity to take advantage of iMessage sharing and voting on seats with friends;
  • an ability to apply online maps;
  • an option to explore favorites and to share them with friends;
  • a possibility to enjoy ApplePay services;
  • a chance to manage tickets fast and easy.

By now you hardly have any doubts about why StubHub is considered to be one of the best apps for ticket booking.

Summing up ticket booking app development might seem to be too challenging, and the path to success could sound endless. When your hope of success disappears, look once again at SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and StubHub… Do you think they were built in one day?

Much effort and time were put to make those platforms be the best apps for ticket booking. Their experience proves that everything is possible.

Well, we do hope that impressive examples of world leaders shall inspire you to one day create a true masterpiece.

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