3 Summer Vacations with a Touch of Luxury

As per Chania hotels, when you wish to get away from it all, a touch of luxury can often make the difference between being on vacation and feeling pampered. Whether this means a queen-sized bed and a memory foam mattress or a spa in the hotel, it’s all a matter of personal taste.

Here are three summer vacation destinations that provide that little bit extra.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe has an interesting architectural history with a number of buildings using the adobe-style to stand out. The city is on a bit of a health bent presently with resorts and hotels opening up offering high-end luxury, in-house spa treatments, and casual or fine-dining options. The cuisine is often a fusion between classic Southwestern dishes and more traditional American fare, but the dishes are healthier than one might see outside of Santa Fe. Anyone watching their figure while on vacation will appreciate this little perk.

Activities in and around Santa Fe include water rafting just like the one in delaware river rafting adventure, relaxing fishing, strenuous hiking, and a few gentle rounds of golf. Anyone who loves the outdoors will find plenty to do here. Also click to see boat motors for sale near me.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a historic city with a lovely feel, especially in the Historic District. The Market has many vendors offering trinkets and other collectibles, plus more practical fare. Antique stores, boutiques and other retail storefronts offer shopping in smaller doses than most parts of the country. The McLeod Plantation Historic Site and Middleton Place both provide insights into the historical architecture and previous life in the area in years past. To take more in, there are several bike tours and walking tours available to appreciate the city’s attractions in context.

There are many excellent bars and venues for live music both in town and along the beaches outside of the downtown area. Restaurants like Sticky Fingers are a staple of the city with delicious dishes like their onion loaf and award-winning rack of ribs served up using local recipes with a home cooked feel.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is an outdoor lover’s paradise. There’s the Grand Adventure Park with its bungee jumps, bike park, rope climbs, climbing wall, and drop down, plus a tram to get there. Up at 9,000 feet is the Piste Mountain Bistro. To reach The Desk @ Piste, one must take the Ride the Bridger Gondola with a scenic view of the whole area. For rock climbing enthusiasts, the Via Ferrata represents a fresh challenge. Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy Yoga on the Deck with spectacular views of the surrounding hills while they work out.

When staying in Jackson Hole, if you want to enjoy effortless luxury in suites made for relaxing, then head to the White Buffalo Club hotel in Jackson Hole. Here you will be able to unwind fully after each busy day and feel refreshed the next day to go back out to enjoy more of what Jackson has to offer.

It’s never too late to add a little bit of luxury into your life. Quite often we upgrade here and there to make things slightly better, but fail to give ourselves an explanation for a decadent treat. Change all that with an upgraded vacation this summer.

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