3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight-Gain

As per useful source, as the holiday season approaches everyone is getting excited about the great tasting food and sweets that are going to be around the table. However, nobody is getting excited about the aftermath of all that great eating. That’s right, the weight gain that can easily occur during the holiday season putting all those hard days at the gym out the window.

So, why not check out this Sentrian post here for some great tips on how to bring desirable changes in your body! Here are also three tips that will help you survive the oh-so-typical holiday weight-gain yet will leave you satisfied with both your body and your holiday indulgences.

1. Don’t Go Hungry

The biggest mistake most people make during the holidays is showing up to a holiday dinner or party hungry. You’ve tried to keep your calorie intake low all day so you can explore every option of the buffet at the party, yet this is the worst way to avoid weight gain. When you show up to a place that has tables of food it is hard to resist over-filling our plates and eating every last morsel when you have starved yourself all day! It is important to keep your stomach satisfied throughout the day and slightly full so you are not tempted to overeat.

2. Limit Alcohol

Party. Party.Party. We all do it during the holidays but be careful what drinks you are choosing to consume during the party. There are very simple ways to avoid high-calorie drinks while still being able to enjoy a nice cocktail. It is best to stay away from the high carb drinks such as beer or wine and head toward the liquors such as Vodka, Gin, or Whiskey. Drinks such as Vodka with a mix of soda water or splash of Diet Coke can be about 100 calories or less. Not bad, right? A couple of these throughout the night isn’t too bad – but it is very important what you choose to mix your alcohol with. If you are going to be drinking a lot of alcohol, buy some hangover relief supplements like Hangover Hammer, read more about Hangover Hammer.

For instance, high-fructose corn syrup juices or non-diet sodas are high in calorie count and typically cost you more calories than the alcohol itself. If you happen to be someplace where they do not offer low cal mixers such as soda water and fresh fruits mixed with the best juicer machine, then limit your drink intake to one or two. This way you’ll still be able to enjoy a little treat during the party. Juice Buff writes about the best recipes of juices that does miracles for health.

3. Avoid Tasting

You can check this out for the best products, recipes and make a delicious dish. But do not taste. It doesn’t matter whose cooking, we all get sucked into tasting while around for the holidays. A taste of the pie, a piece of a cookie, or a sample of mashed potatoes. It doesn’t matter how small or big the sample may be, it is food that we do not count as part of our intake for the day. You can rack up a couple hundred calories just by tasting during the holidays. Without even realizing that you’ve eaten you have consumed as many calories as a full meal. It is important to limit or try to avoid tasting all together. It will keep you from unwanted calories and help you avoid holiday weight gain. Additionally, for those looking to address specific areas of stubborn fat and achieve a slimmer silhouette, options like liposuction in Noblesville, IN can provide targeted fat reduction solutions.

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