4 Must-Haves When Going to a Festival

Going to a festival is on everyone’s bucket list and is a must-do at least once in your lifetime.

There’s no better feeling than raving at a festival until the early hours of the morning with your friends around you, all sharing that same euphoric, heart-pumping feeling of the music throughout your body.

However, it doesn’t matter how buzzed you are watching your favorite artists on the portable stage and living the festival lifestyle. There are still some things that can spoil your weekend and see the less brave-hearted of us heading home early. 

These negative aspects come with the territory of camping, bad weather, cold nights, and poor planning for the outdoors. These factors can all take their toll on our enjoyment of the experience. With proper organization before you hit the road, however, these can all be easily avoided.

Below are four must-haves to take with you to any festival camping trip, so that you can dance the nights and days away and come home feeling exhausted but in a ‘let’s do it again way!’.


Listen to your mum when she says you need waterproofs! A water-resistant DST bomber jacket and a good set of wellies will be the difference between you being comfortable or wet and miserable for the entire festival.

It’s a festival style anyway to rock a pair of wellies with some knee-high socks no matter if your male or female, so don’t be stuck in the dirt with freezing feet. Leave your trainers at home.

A waterproof jacket will also double up as a way to keep you warm overnight or even a pillow in your tent with tarpaulin material. You can get all sorts of different styles nowadays, so don’t be put off taking one just because it doesn’t match your outfit. When it comes to comfort, there is no style etiquette at a festival!

A Reliable Tent

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right tent for your budget to take to a festival.

You want one that is waterproof, large enough for you and your tent mates if you’re sharing, and relatively easy to put up and take down. Think about if you will have the energy for it when it’s time to go home before choosing that mansion-sized one.

Also remember, you will have to carry this tent through the entry queue, security, and then the hike to the campsite and back again, so it needs to be light or come in a bag with handles so that you can share the load.

Another point to remember is that you will have to carry your belongings with you too and have enough room to get dressed. The smart camper takes two tents. One for sleeping and the other for everything else!

Smart Alternatives

Most festivals have a long list of things you can’t bring inside with you for security reasons; take these seriously! If you don’t, then you’ll see your new perfume or foundation going into the trash.

Anything in a glass is usually prohibited, and this includes cosmetics, as well as mirrors and alcohol! Be smart and decant anything in glass into recycled plastic bottles and invest in a plastic mirror.

Furthermore, aerosols are also usually banned, meaning hairspray and deodorant are out of the question. Take with you gels and roll-on alternatives so that you can stay looking and smelling fresh! 

Rocking Outfits

You will find that you go through more clothes than you ever imagined you would, especially socks!

Take a variety of clothes that easily mix and match with each other, for example, a cute pair of denim shorts will go with hundreds of different style T’s and crop tops. Look for stylish but comfy indian clothing in USA for the daytime, and don’t forget the flower crown!

When the night draws in, however, it’s time to swap your daytime look for something a little more risque and raver. For the ladies, using Durable Boob Tape will last you all day.

The festival fashion at the moment sees matching two pieces making a come back in neons and metallics. iHeartRaves suggest group outfits that will really make heads turn, and don’t skimp on the biodegradable glitter!

Party Hard!

Going to a festival costs a lot of money so don’t be frightened off by a wet night or a few blisters. Persevere and know that this will be one of the best weekends of your life.

We have only touched upon a few essentials you’ll need to make your weekend go smoothly, but if you forget everything else, then at least you’ll stay dry, have somewhere to sleep, be as clean as you can be at a festival, and look fabulous!


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