5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

A happy workforce is a more motivated workforce, but how do you encourage happiness without giving too much away? Indeed, a business has to walk a fine balance when it comes to building morale, because too much of a good thing can be bad. For instance, if you simply reward your employees without any real incentive, you are simply sweetening the air. Eventually, the air will be too sweet to breathe. Although, there are some tried and true methods to motivate employees – methods that make them work harder and stick around for longer. Aren’t you sick of losing your best employees to the competition? Here are five effective ways to keep your employees motivated.

  1. Create an open work environment. An open work environment entails tearing down the cubicles, the walls and anything else that can impede a healthy flow of creativity and collaboration. Studies have showed that employees that are trapped behind the walls of a cubicle feel stifled and uncreative. As a result, motivation will suffer. So, you may want to think about making the radical decision to open up your floor plan.
  2. Make sure employees are comfortable. Indeed, rigid chairs and desks that make it difficult to type and work comfortably can make an employee less than enthused to go to work or to get anything done once he or she gets into the office. So, you would be much better off by investing in some decent back-supporting chairs and desks that are lined up to typing level. You may also want to open a few windows and blinds. Light and fresh air are two incredibly important and natural ingredients in the recipe for a motivated workforce. You can also hire epoxy resin flooring installers to reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.
  3. Offer an incentive program. This is one of the best ways to motivate employees. If you have some kind of quote based system or if you have a sales floor that must make a certain number of sales every month, you may want to introduce an incentive program, like the one provided by Loyaltyworks. If you don’t give some kind of positive reinforcement for meeting a quota mark, it will be difficult to maintain a certain level of motivation. We also found a brilliant platform for employee benefits recently, so check that out if you want to reward your staff very well.
  4. Create a hierarchy. Humans naturally like to climb ladders. Everyone does it in life. Eventually you get to the top of the ladder, but you have to work for it. However, many businesses don’t have a ladder system. Having a ladder system in place can encourage employees to climb higher and higher. These can be management positions, team leader positions and more – just give your employee another rung to look forward to and they will be working harder than ever.
  5. Open up channels of communication. Total transparency is critical in a business environment. If you create a huge divide between your employees, their motivation will suffer as a result. So, you want to encourage open lines of communication – between multiple different departments. Creating an air of transparency and honesty through an employee feedback software will greatly improve your workforce’s motivation, because they won’t always feel like they are working for nothing.

Providing your employees with Association Health Insurance benefits and other perks could also be a great way to keep them motivated and loyal to your company.

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