5 Rakhi Gifts That Would Remind of India

Raksha Bandhan season has come once again and you are busy planning your schedule and thoughtful gifts for this amazing time of love. If your brother is an NRI and cannot attend this festival every year, here are some of the amazing gift options that you can opt for them. Have a look at these and start placing order at the earliest.

Aipan Art Folders:
Folders hold importance in day to day office or study related works. To keep important documents or papers, a nice folder is always a great choice of gift. Aipan is an art that is quite popular in Uttarakhand and off late the people of Uttarakhand have started incorporating this art into file folders which would be a lovely gift for your brother staying away from India. Generally on a brick red background beautiful and artistic motifs are drawn with a paste made out of rice flour. This motif is believed to ward off evil energies and thus would be a perfect rakhi gift. So, while you send rakhi to Canada or any other place in the world, don’t forget this cute gift.

Quilts from Jaipur:
Jaipur is a wonderful city wrapped in history and forts. Some of the best artists of our country reside here. So, to help your brother combat the chilling cold temperature in Canada you can get a lovely quilt from Jaipur. The significance of these quilts are that they are light weight and provide great warmth. They are known to be feather light and comes in three variety generally, namely, cotton, silk, and velvet. And out of these velvet is the costliest one. Find one such amazing quilt for your brother and get it delivered to where he resides and make him feel nostalgic about the country.

Madhubani Painting from Bihar:
Each and every state of our beautiful country has some sort of specialty and that makes our country a vibrant one. So, if your brother has that knack of decorating home with artistic things, you can go ahead with a Madhubani painting for him on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. The pattern of Madhubani painting is mostly inspired form our Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, etc. Initially these paintings were found on walls and now hand-made papers are used to make these colorful paintings which can be framed to be sent as a gift.

Brass Tea Cup Set from Uttar Pradesh:
The shining brass tea cup set would brighten up the space wherever they are kept. In the Moradabad district of UP, you can get the best pieces made out of brass. So, get one such wonderful tea cup set for your darling brother and wish him a very happy Raksha Bandhan.


Attar from Uttar Pradesh:
A strong smelling Attar would be another great gift for your brother. In the Kanauj city of Uttar Pradesh, one can find the finest attars made out of only naturally occurring ingredients and no alcohol at all. This is what makes them unique. Get a bottle of fancy attar as a rakhi gift while you are preparing to send rakhi to your brother in Canada.

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