5 Simple Ways To Create Precious Time For Everything

Most people blame lack of time for their failures in life… theydesire to succeed in work, tour amazing places such as the Inland Empire during holidays ,and to always enjoy time with loved ones.

Throw in the fact that may need to exercise, engage in charity, and participate in hobbies and it looks as if there’s a whole lot to do despite a busy schedule.

But it’s not that we don’t have time; people have time but we are often poor time managers. So, how can you create space and time needed to achieve all your dreams?

  • Have and Follow a Plan

It starts with a written down plan. Long before you sit down and start working on targets, set goals and strategize on how to conquer them.

The perfect you plan, the clear will be the path meaning you can work faster and achieve goal after goal in less time.

This should leave with ample hours which can be used for other important activities like exercise. Get fit at home with smart home gyms Tempo, Tonal and Mirror.

  • Be Flexible

Instead of wasting time trying to force an immovable stone to move, quickly shift gears and move to doable tasks if circumstances demand.

For instance, you could plan to start your day by meeting a prospective client only to realize that he is not interested in your products or is just playing games.

The sooner you assess and adapt to such situations, the better. Since he/she may never buy, why not move to the next task on line to save time?

Call the next prospect or change to a totally different activity (as per your schedule). You will remain on course for that day or season.

  • Learn to Prioritize

So, what comes first? Some people prefer to tackle the hardest tasks in the morning when fresh and the easiest later in the afternoon. You may also find that doing activity A opens up the door to complete task B meaning strategic prioritization is a must.

Still, you can start with a workout in the morning and extend your working hours if pressed by a deadline.

And since you cannot be visiting the world while the office in-tray is still full, you need to get your priorities right lest you are forced to postpone your holidays.

  • Learn To Say No

While it may cost you a few friends, saying no to unplanned requests that could end up costing you a few hours may be the way to go.

Oftentimes, you are invited to help or participate in events which add no value to your work by colleagues and people at home.

Unless you have some spare time or are satisfied that your input will help your course in some way, just refuse and concentrate on your core business.

  • Be Ready to Sacrifice

You will encounter frustrations at work, within the family, and from trusted friends.

How you react when people seem hell-bent on making your life difficult matters a lot.

You can choose to sulk and pause everything to mourn- wasting more time or to sacrifice and rise to the new challenge.

This means less stress, more output, and ultimately, a higher probability of getting time to pursue your hobby or to go back to school.


There will never be enough time to do all we wish to.

But we can create some precious minutes and get enough time to meet all our obligations with proper planning, learning to say no, sacrificing, being flexible, and prioritizing.

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