5 Steps to Glowing Skin

  • Clarisonic

I am sure many of you have looked through magazines or walked through the malls thinking what is this device they are selling for 100$ and does it work? Your answer is, YES. This small electric face scrubber really does the trick. It removes blackheads, dead skin, makeup, and leaves your face with fewer blemishes then you could imagine. I was skeptical at first to use something like this but once I did, I don’t know how my face survived without it. This is a must-have in order to maintain a flawless glow.

  • Face and Under-Eye Cream

After you wash and exfoliate your skin it is important to apply a moisturizers and under eye cream to keep your face looking healthy. Most girls only use on or the other but it is essential to use both products. There are many creams on the market yet you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your cream, as many companies put out very good moisturizers at an inexpensive price. As long as you’re using something – its better than nothing! I recommend the use of cbd lotion for your face. For an under-eye cream I recommend the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Under Eye Cream or the Boots #7 Sensitive Eye Cream. Both products are very gentle on the skin.

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