5 Steps to Glowing Skin

  • Foundation with SPF

Who needs sunscreen in the winter? Isn’t it 30 degrees outside and snowing? Yes, you are correct –  but even in the dead of winter, you can still get a sunburn. The worst of it is, you don’t even know your getting it! Whether you are on the mountains or driving in your car those rays are still strong and still damaging your skin cells. Due to the chilly air you don’t even feel the sun and therefore an unexpected sunburn can damage your skin leaving brown spots or freckles . The best way to protect your face is to get a foundation that already has SPF. Most of us put our foundation on every day and this is the best way to ensure you that you will not be left with sun damage during the winter. Not only will the Foundation with SPF leave protect your skin but it will also add to the perfect skin you are looking for. The key is to have your face matched to the correct foundation color. Though this is the tricky part, the best way to match your skin tone is on the inside of your wrist. A few foundations that have SPF built in are Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation, which can be found for under $60, and Neutrogena Foundation, which can be found for under $20.

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