5 Things that Can Attract Burglars to your Home

Whenever you have a house, the first thing in your mind is to ensure security to that. You need to ensure that the house is properly protected. There are proper ways to do that. Keeping your home unprotected is going to attracted thieves and burglars to steal all your valuables. Hence, burglary concerns are on every homeowners mind. While alarm systems and locking doors are the best ways to prevent burglaries, there are a few other innocent things you might do away with that are drawing the attention of the burglars to your home. Burglars look for patterns and expensive things when picking a home to burglarize. You need to avoid doing these things to keep your home a bit safer.

  • Thick and Lush Landscape

Trees and plants in the garden outside your home no doubt looks good. But, are they safe enough? You may have planted trees or shrubs to enhance the appearance of your house, but you have also made it more appealing to thieves as well. Burglars look for homes with lush landscaping. This is because, such landscapes provide them with the chance of hiding easily while trying to get in the house before performing the theft or almost vanish away within a split second if chased away. To address this concern, you can go to ArborPro Tree Experts. Does your house have windows that are obscured by shrubs? It can be a perfect place for a thief to hide and then gain entry to your house without being seen by people. Experts suggest that it is advisable for you to cut the lush greenery around your house, so that the home is visible to others. Burglars look for places to hide and if they do not find one while waiting to get into a home, they feel discouraged. As a result, they will surely move away, thus ensuring that your house is still safe.

  • Leaving Expensive Items Outside

Your front lawn might be the perfect place for your kids to play during the warm months. It might also be the only location for your expensive barbeque grill. However, leaving expensive items outside, in the exterior part of your home is like leaving the front door wide open when you are away. Showing off expensive items outside usually means that you have similar or even more costly materials inside your house. Hence, they will also try to gain access inside to get hold of the expensive items of your house. Hence, you need to secure the BBQ grills, bicycles, and your children’s toys in the backyard. You can store them in your home when they are not in use. This will ensure that a burglar is not able to form any idea of what kind of materials you have inside your house.

  • Static Lighting

You might think you are doing the right thing by leaving a light on when you aren’t home, but static lighting might actually entice burglars. A burglar who keeps an eye on a specific neighborhood will continue to come back repeatedly. They can hone in on static lighting easily. If the light stays on in your dining room and nowhere else for hours together, a burglar will assume no one is at home. If the same pattern is repeated over and over again, a burglar will know for certain that you are not at home. Switch up what lights you leave on, or install light automation in your home to keep burglars away. If you’re looking for lighting ideas to enhance your home security, consider reading my explaination about diversifying your lighting patterns.

  • Piled up Mail or Newspapers

Piled up mail and newspapers outside the door is a sure sign that you are not at home. And most burglars prey on homes when the dwellers are gone. So, when the mail or newspapers are not retrieved and start piling up, they will easily assume that you are away, may be on a vacation. Install a mailbox that closes, so that your mail is secured and can’t been seen from the road. If you are going on vacation, ask the post office to hold your mail, or have a friend come by and pick it up for you. The longer the mails or newspapers remain untouched outside your house, the more your house becomes vulnerable to burglars.

  • Valuables in the Window

Maybe you have a really nice TV that is viewable from outside your home, or perhaps you have an expensive Tiffany lamp sitting at in front of your window. While you’ve placed the items were you have for reasons other than attracting burglars, it doesn’t change the fact that these items may be attracting them to your home. Expensive items inside that are viewable from the outside give a burglar an insight into what might be in your home. If expensive goods are displayed, it will suggest that there are likely more expensive items hidden inside your house. Additionally, you should also consider burglar-proofing your windows and installing impact windows with the help of window suppliers.

It is important to remain alert, secure your home by investing in residential or commercial locks and security systems, and ensure that timely residential lock repair is done, so you do not commit these mistakes. It will help to keep your house safe and secure. In addition, hiring a topnotch locksmith like the ones from locksmith palm springs can also pay dividends in safeguarding your home. 

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