5 Ways to Reduce Paper Use in the Office

Today, more and more businesses are implementing greener work practices in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, cut down the amount of natural resources that they use, save money, and set a good example to other brands. Although reducing carbon emissions practices are becoming more popular, it is still early stages, and one of the biggest benefits of being more eco-friendly with your brand today is that you will be a part of the first generations of companies to do this. For many companies, paper use is a huge area in which many reductions can be made. Here are some of the best ways to cut down how much paper your office wastes, thanks to information offered by Daymond on Demand Reviews.

#1. Send Emails:

Today, everything is going digital – so there’s really no need to print out letters as much as there was before. Unless you’re sending a hand-written thank you note or are trying to get in touch with somebody who hasn’t responded to your emails, then a paper letter should become your last resort. Whether you’re getting in touch with staff, customers, suppliers, or clients, chances are, email is an easier, faster and more convenient method of communication for everybody involved.

#2. Digital Receipts:

Paper receipts are still a common occurrence, however, there are an increasing number of brands which are now offering their customers the option to receive their receipt digitally instead. For customers, having their receipt emailed to them can be a far more convenient option as it allows them to store it away in a designated folder and not have to worry about losing it, since it’s saved online. They also can organize it in one place with the help of Filecenter Receipts. If your store is based on the high street rather than online-only, why not trial digital receipts for a while and see just how much paper you save? For more information on paper wastage in businesses, check out Canvas.com

#3. Use Both Sides:

This one is a very simple, yet very effective tip – if you have to print or copy on paper, then be sure to use both sides of the sheet. Not only will this be easier on both yourself and the recipient in terms of how many pieces of paper there are to get through; it’s also an efficient and easy method of cutting your office’s paper use down by half.

#4. Proof-Read Everything:

Use a Grammar checker and proof-read every document before you print it off, not just to save on the cost of printing, but, also to eliminate the risk of the recipient finding any embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes. An extra few minutes to go over a document again to ensure that there are no mistakes can eliminate the need for the whole document to be re-printed. With same day translation services one can also make sure it is understood by a lot more people.

#5. Send Electronic Invoices:

Lastly, if your business sends regular invoices to customers and clients, then going paperless with a free invoice maker is usually a more convenient option for everybody. Whilst paper invoices take time to print, send, and finally arrive with your client, e-invoices can be transferred with just a couple of clicks, and even include a link for easy payment. What’s better, is they don’t involve any printing at all!

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