5 Worst Boss Traits

 (Reasons why employees quit work)


The common thing we read article about is bad employee’s traits, worst personalities and even less preferred candidates skills. We rarely read any article of what could possibly make the employees uncomfortable and sometimes lead them to resign and quit work.

It’s not always the employee’s fault, sometimes it can only be a company directed by a bad boss. Employees might sometimes work under great levels of pressure, which was caused by the manager’s attitude and actions towards the employee. Every manager has his own regulations and laws which he orders his employees to follow and obey, but what if his attitude went way more beyond that?

Too much pressure doesn’t always turn stones into diamonds; it might simply cost you good employees.

Here are the worst 5 manager’s traits which could make the employee quit the job:



  1. Credit their selves for your own work.

Not being appreciated kills the employee’s motivation, what if your effort suddenly disappears?

Well, nothing disappeared; your manager took the credit for your work for their own selves. Frustrating right? It’s not the manager’s right to do so, every employee want to recognized and turn to another challenging goals, that’s their motivation. When any boss takes credit for the employee’s work as if they achieved it, they break the employee’s motivation line and can easily lead them to quit their jobs.



  • It’s the employee’s right to celebrate and show-off their achievements. They put an effort to its why would it be counted for the boss?
  • If you’re certainly searching for a job through online jobs websites like Joblang, make sure to make a background check of the company’s regulation and even the manager’s background, bad reputations can never be hidden.


  1. Your boss shows you Lack of trust and empowerment.

Employee’s perceptions can change rapidly by trust and empowerment. Showing the employee trust will surely give them a good amount of motivation, while commanding and controlling employees are bad traits, and some bosses would even assume that certain employees would assume failure or creating conflict. Good managers should demonstrate to their employees that making small mistakes is ok and can be figured out with a quick solution.


  • When managers give a good amount of trust to their employees, they will certainly see some great efforts done by their own motivational drive.



  1. Your boss doesn’t care if you overworked.

Some bosses wouldn’t care if their employees work overtime; they just care for their work to get done. When managers doesn’t pay attention to small details like how many hours their employees worked or if they took a break or even if they haven’t went home for the weekend, all what concerns them is that work flow is going smoothly. If any employee works for extra hours and notices that the manager knew and didn’t appreciate it then yes it is frustrating.



  • After you do your interview for a job offer, make sure you ask if over-time hours spent at work are appreciated or not.
  • Even if you check Joblang.com, you can read the weekly working hours required for nay job position you’re planning to apply to.



  1. Your boss promotes wrong people and candidates.

If your boss picks up his employees depending on who he likes or dislikes, then this is another de-motivator trait. Not all bosses actually cares about the qualifications and qualities of certain candidates, some bosses would just hire for the looks of some employees. Skills levels can sometimes be ignored for the interest of some finical or even networking reasons. This may cause a huge mess in the company’s environments. Putting wrong people in wrong places will absolutely raise the level of failure in the company.



  • This idea can actually be clarified for you if you were hired in position which doesn’t fit and suit your qualifications and skills.
  • When you apply online to certain job positions though online jobs websites like Joblang.com, make sure you only apply for job offers which perfectly suits your skills and qualifications.




  1. Your boss concentrates on your weakness points and ignored your strength points.

This kind of bosses is really annoying and irritating. Selfish bosses only care for looking good, even if they had to ignore their loyal employees which are working hard day and night for his and his company’s interest.  If your boss constantly points out problems and point out to your mistakes done by you, then he’s not a good boss. Good managers always concentrate on being hand in hand with their employees and concentrate on reaching the top with shared efforts. Great bosses are the ones who would take the hand of their employees and out lights on their strength points and also warn them of their mistakes so they wouldn’t do it again.



As mentioned above, it’s not always the employees fault. Sometimes working under such levels of pressures can actually lead to employees leaving their work and look for another good opportunity outside the company. The boss is the one controlling the satisfactory level of their employees, it’s in their hands to either make their employees eager to stay and do more effort or make them flee away from your company.


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