6 Fun things to do in Alabama revealed

Whether you were born and raised in Alabama or you’re looking to plan a whirlwind vacation to Alabama, simply continue reading to discover a wide variety of fun activities from Kevin Rolle Alabama that you can book.

6 Fun Things to do in Alabama Revealed:

1. Take a guided night hike from the Dismals Canyon Conservatory in order to see millions of glow-worms

There is a stunning track which leads from the Dismals Canyon Conservatory from which you can view the canyon itself light up with bioluminescent glow-worms. If you’re looking to increase your chances of being able to view the canyon’s twinkling glow-worms, it’s well worth booking a night tour from the Dismals Cayon Conservatory. Which is located in Franklin County, Alabama.

2. Try a legendary bushwacker beverage at Flora-Bama

Flora-Bama is a highly rated bar which is located close to the border between Florida and Alabama. One reason why you may want to visit Flora-Bama, is that it’s the home of the bushwacker a legendary Alabama inspired beverage which tastes a bit like an alcoholic version of a thick milkshake.

3. Tour the U.S Space and Rocket Center

Whilst in Alabama, it’s well worth touring the U.S Space and Rocket Center which is located in Huntsville and has the distinction of being the location where the rockets were designed and developed, which were responsible for sending the Apollo astronauts to the moon, many decades ago. Just make sure to schedule a couple of hours to tour the entire complex as the U.S Space and Rocket Center is by far the largest

4. Sunbathe, swim and mountain zip line over sand dunes at Gulf State Park

The white sand of the Gulf State Park Beach backs straight on to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and offers ideal swimming conditions. So if you plan on spending time in Alabama, during summer, it’s well worth grabbing your beach towel and heading to Gulf State Park. Which is located in Baldwin County.

If you’ve always wanted to tick zip-lining off your bucket list it’s also well worth visiting Gulf State Park, to zip-line over the pristine, white sand dunes of the park’s stunning, world-class beach.

5. Tour the USS Alabama

If you have a keen interest in military history it’s well worth visiting USS Alabama, which is located in Mobile, Alabama. As you’ll have the unique opportunity to take a self-guided tour of USS Alabama a massive battleship which was commissioned way back in 1942 and took part in various World War II battles.

6. Slide down a plethora of exhilarating waterslides at Alabama Splash Adventure

If you’re looking for a fun way to beat the Alabama heat, it’s well worth visiting Alabama Splash Adventure, where you’ll be able to slide your way down a multitude of world-class waterslides.

So whether you were born and raised in Alabama and are simply on the lookout for new activities to try out with your family members and friends or you’re a tourist who has booked an upcoming trip to Alabama, it’s well ticking all six of the fun activities listed above off your bucket list!

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