7 Reasons To Use An E-Wallet in the UAE

If you’re a resident or local in the UAE, you’re living in a high-tech haven. We’re home to more than 1,000 innovative tech firms and start-ups from more than 60 countries. So get ahead of the curve and make the change to cashless for the following reasons:

Money moves

We all call the UAE home, but actually, only 11.48% of the population is Emirati. That means that most of us will need to send money to our home countries at some point – and sometimes that needs to happen in a hurry.

The international transfer service became more safe and secure, and available to you around the clock. In most cases, all you’ll need is the bank account number of the recipient for an instant transfer, and payit e-wallet will transfer money to more than 200 countries and offers super competitive rates, and if you’re sending funds to India, it waives the fees.

Keep your household in order

There’s nothing better than knowing things at home are organized and under control. Just receive a payment reminder for your Etisalat or Du account? Use your electronic wallet to settle up so you can breathe easily.

Salik and Parking

Getting from A to B in the UAE sometimes requires a car, and we all know Salik and Mawaqif go together like peanut butter and jelly. The mobile wallet takes the stress out of risking a fine by making it super easy to top up both. Just open the app, select Utility Top Up and you’ll be on your way!

Skip the traffic jams

Ever been stuck in traffic in the UAE and seen the metro whizz past? All of a sudden, a topped-up NOL card sounds like a pretty good idea. Use an E-Wallet to make sure you can always skip the traffic for a relaxed ride on the metro.

Get the VIP treatment

Having an e-wallet is a little like membership to a VIP club. it has negotiated discounts and deals across all the UAE’s favorite categories: retail, dining, fitness, beauty, and more. Next time you pop into your favorite café or nail salon, check your e-wallet for special offers. 

Split the bill

Heading out to a restaurant as a group is a weekend ritual in the UAE – and it’s all fun and games until the bill comes and things start getting complicated. Save the stress and split the bill using your digital wallet. You can add your friends, and send or receive money in a flash.

Safety and security

According to Gallup’s 2020 Global Law and Order Report, the UAE is ranked in the top ten countries in the world for safety and security. Using an e-wallet app. removes the risk of having physical cash lost or stolen, so by making the switch to a cashless lifestyle, you’re doing your part to make the UAE even safer. Unless you have secure ATM services near you, then an E-wallet is a smart way to go.

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