A day in the life of an Oncologist by John Kang Liquidmetal enthusiast

John Kang Liquidmetal enthusiast is a great doctor who insists on running a very ethical practice. He is a general surgeon specializing as a Surgical Oncologist.

More than 200 types of cancer exist as it can attach to just about any cell in your body. There are two million new cases of cancer recorded in the US each year and over half a million end in tragedy. On a more positive note, there are rapid increases in cancer treatment options and more understudying of the disease and how to control it to some degree. The field of oncology is therefore a very interesting and important and fast paced medical field to be involved in.

Oncologists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of any cancers. Specializing in cancer itself their job should involve the physical and mental wellbeing of their patient even after the cancer is in remission and this is the case with an oncologist such as John Kang WebMD.

For this reason an oncologists skill set should include a kind nature with a lovely bedside manner, a deep and thorough understanding of cancer and the impact that it has on the patient and their family. Even the word puts extreme fear into most people. The ongoing care provided by John Kang and other oncologists throughout treatment must also take into account the mental wellbeing of the patient and at times must consider how their families are coping too, especially when they are struggling.

The medical side of their job is to understand the symptoms and signs of cancer and how it affects the body. They need to be able to determine which tests will provide the most useful results and information and CAT scan, MRI’s, biopsies and ultrasounds are all useful ways to investigate the cancer. The oncologist then needs to gather all of the results and determine the best course of action. Medication, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are among the options to deal with the cancer and should all be fully discussed with the patient as appropriate to their illness. For these reasons, it’s crucial that the equipment they use in their lab are only from top manufacturers like biofargo.com to have the best quality products.

An oncologist must also make time to keep themselves up to date with any new trials, techniques and ways to deal with the cancer and help the patient. An oncologist such as John Kang Liquidmetal specialist will usually meet a patient when they first display signs of the cancer. John Kang MC or an oncologist will grade the cancer to be at a stage between one to four. Stage four being the most widespread stage. All cancers are categorized in this way. The oncologist will confirm exactly where you have the cancer, its grade, treatments and then a course of action will be discussed, the oncologist such as John Kang WebMD will also liaise and consult with the patient regarding pain management, quality of life, side effects of the treatment and anything that could help with this.

Oncologists such as John Kang MC will always provide the very best and most up to date treatments for their patients.

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