A Frozen Shoulder is Melted with the Correct Procedure

Many people endure pain in their joints because they don’t know where to turn for relief. For years, those who had a condition commonly known as “Frozen Shoulder” had to suffer because the only best alternative was seeing efficient chiropractors like the ones at chiropractors Albert Park and they found it effective. The other option was going to orthopedic doctors who would perform general surgery, and for most that wasn’t enough.

According to dr robert macarthur, an orthopedic surgery specialist, frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis, as it is known in the medical field, is a condition where the shoulder joint has become immobilized from inflammation usually resulting from slight trauma. Just browse this site and learn how the condition progresses slowly over time as inflammation gathers in the shoulder creating a “pocket” around the joint. Over time and with much pain, the pocket contracts around the joint forming scar tissue. The built-up scar tissue restricts the range of motion, and the patient suffers. There are also knee pain treatment professionals that help you recover from injuries.

This Frozen Shoulder condition occurs in 1 in 25 adults, typically between the ages of 40 – 60 causing excruciating pain and inconvenience. The solution for most people is either surgery under anesthesia or arthroscopic surgery, and there are no guarantees for success.

Dr. Allan Austin is the only doctor in the world to develop a successful treatment. At his original clinic, Trigenics, in Toronto, the OAT Frozen Shoulder Treatment heals people in one treatment who are inflicted with a frozen shoulder. Oolo-Austin Trigenics was developed during the 1980’s, and to date, Dr. Austin is the only doctor who performs this amazing treatment and sees these incredible results with no surgery.

Dr. Austin’s patients are quick to share their testimony using the OAT Treatment with only one treatment. Many could not raise their arm even half-way and had considerable pain, but with one treatment, their shoulder motion was restored.

Today, Dr. Austin has a Frozen Shoulder rehab facility in Sydney, Australia, Tallinn, Estonia and Toronto, Canada. People come from all over the world for one day in the OAT Treatment Centers, so they can live pain-free lives again. The Oolo-Austin Trigenics Frozen Shoulder procedure costs only a few thousand dollars and is 90 percent effective with very low risk factor. The Frozen Shoulder has met its match with Dr. Austin’s OAT Treatment.

For more info check http://www.frozenshoulder.ca/.

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