A List of Top Ways You Can Effectively Boost Your Airbnb Bookings

Airbnb has effectively raised the bar when it comes to accommodation – not only has Airbnb allowed travellers a lot more options when it comes to places where they can stay anywhere in the world, it has also allowed property owners to earn extra income from great bookings and reservations. If you are a property owner and have a listed property on Airbnb, you might be facing some tough competition, however, especially if you’re located in an area with plenty of other Airbnb properties. So how can you make sure you stand out? Are you wondering how you can increase your bookings? Here’s a list of top ways you can effectively boost your Airbnb bookings. Consider hiring a facilities maintenance and property management company to get everything on this list checked off. 

  • Make sure your listing is complete. Your listing should contain all the information guests are looking for, such as available rooms, amenities and facilities, restrictions, and so on. Remember this: it pays to be as honest as you can; lying or presenting ‘alternative facts’ will not get you anywhere and will most likely hurt your listing in the future from bad reviews as well. So, if you want to ensure that your listing is trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive, make sure to check my source for guidance and tips on how to create a successful listing that meets the expectations of your guests or tenants.

  • Pay attention to your profile. Get a friendly photo in there so prospective guests can have the impression that you will be easier and more reasonable to deal with. Some people actually post photos of their families and significant other; for some reason, this strategy works quite well – perhaps because you seem more relatable.

  • Your title should be well-thought-out, too. Try not to be too generic; a title that’s too generic can end up being buried under other properties in the area. Make a list of the aspects that make your property attractive, such as ‘Near public transport’, ‘Close to a beautiful park’, etc. If you’re looking for a tree care service to maintain the trees on your property, click to read and find out how they can help you keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful.

  • Your price should also be reasonable. To best determine if you have a good price, check the other properties on offer in your neighbourhood. What is the average price? If you can, try to beat the pricing of other similar properties. One thing you can do so you can get a good profit is to simply have an additional charge for extra guests.

  • A visually-attractive listing is key if you really want your listing to get noticed. Get marketing tips from top property management companies. Invest in some great photos of your property. Some property owners have as many as 20 photos; don’t be afraid to have a lot of photos – if someone is really interested, they will be happy to see all your photos. Consider getting help from a professional service such as the Airbnb Management Services in London provided by Hostmaker. They not only offer great photography services for your Airbnb property – they also offer housekeeping and maintenance, the chance to have a more polished and professional-looking profile, and even great interior design.

  • Focus on giving your guests some general amenities, such as a hairdryer and a steam iron or a dishwasher. The more amenities you can ‘tick off’, the more attractive your property will be. The small investment you make in these general amenities will pay off in the end.

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