A Weekend in Breckenridge

Colorado’s Breckenridge makes an ideal place for a weekend getaway at any time of the year. You can rent one of the quaint breckenridge vacation rentals and spend a few days enjoying the winter wonderland. Or have a couple of days to get your adrenaline pumping on the slopes. If this sounds like fun to you, keep reading and discover the best way to spend a weekend in Colorado’s top mountain resort.

Getting to Breckenridge

If you’re travelling from out of state, you might need to book a few more days off from work to get the most out of your time in Breckenridge. The vast majority of visitors first fly to Denver International Airport before making the 100 miles (161 kilometres) journey into the mountains to Breckenridge Town. Some people take the bus or arrange a private transfer and look into the Things to Do in Denver. Others will rent a car at the airport. Both have their own pros and cons. And if you’re not experienced driving in icy conditions, it might be best to stick to the bus. It takes between two to three hours from Denver to Breckenridge in normal circumstances and driving conditions.

Saturday Morning: Head to Breckenridge Mountain

Breckenridge Mountain soars to a height of approximately 4000 metres (which is over 13,000 feet!). This is the main attraction and receives hundreds of tourists on a daily basis. Take the ski lift to the summit where you can choose from a variety of pistes to ski back down. Research beforehand the slopes you want to hit rather than wasting time on the day. You’ll find everything from easy ones catering to the beginners to the more advanced that stretch up to 5 kilometres (3 miles). It’s a good idea to get your skiing equipment ready on Friday night rather than trying to sort it all out before going to the mountain.

Saturday Afternoon: Sightseeing in Breckenridge Town

After a morning of adrenaline pumping fun, make your way back to Breckenridge Town. The former gold mining town combines historical buildings with a vibrant café culture and bar scene. Stroll along Main Street and slip inside one of the Dine In Family Restaurant for lunch. If you have the energy and the weather isn’t too cold, one of the best ways to explore the town is by arranging a walking tour. Guides are available for groups or private hire and can offer more context on its past. Since you only have 48 hours in Breckenridge, a guide can give a whirlwind tour of the main attractions.

Saturday Evening: Hit the Shops and Bars

Surprisingly, Breckenridge has an active shopping district with boutiques stocking the latest fashion. Because the region attracts a whole host of winter sports enthusiasts including celebrities, they need to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Most of the shops have designer gear for the mountains. And it might be the perfect time to stock on new equipment. Later, return to Main Street and make the most out of the bars and restaurants. You can find all types of food and experiences. Expect to see everything from fast food joints and steakhouses to fine-dining restaurants. The bars burst with skiers and snowboarders too. The bustling town acts as a social gateway to meet others and share stories about your day on the slopes. Don’t stay out too late or you’ll miss the chance to get some early morning skiing!

Sunday Morning: Hit the Slopes or Join a Dog Sledging Tour

Enthusiastic skiers can spend another few hours on the slopes attempting some of the more challenging trails. But as an alternative and a way to get the whole family involved, why not join a dog sledging tour? A team of Huskies pull the sledge through the snowy wonderland usually lasting anywhere between a few hours to overnight expeditions. Because of the popularity, you should book your spot weeks in advance. If you’re planning a weekend break in Breckenridge with your family, make sure you’re all booked up. The last thing is to turn up and find all the places are filled.

Sunday Afternoon: Embrace the Gold Mining Culture

When you’re visiting a former gold mining town, it would be a shame to miss out on learning about its history. You can visit museums in the town or join a tour. The second involves a trip to the nearby mines and teaches traditional panning methods. Apart from gaining a deeper understanding of the town’s past, you might strike lucky and be able to retire early! If you do want to join a tour, it’s essential that you plan. Some operate in the winter. Most only take the larger groups to the mines in the summer. Contact a guide and arrange the trip before you arrive.

Sunday Evening: Unwind With a Cup of Hot Chocolate or a Pint at the Brewery

As Sunday evening approaches, most visitors are tired after their action-packed weekend. The best way to unwind and reflect on your epic trip is with a drink. Head to one of the cafés and order a hot drink while sitting around the log fire. Or get a taxi to Breckenridge Brewery and enjoy a nice beer fresh from the tap. Or perhaps you just want to get back to Denver.

An Unforgettable 48 Hours in Breckenridge

This itinerary combines the best of skiing and learning more about Breckenridge’s past during the gold rush. Expect an action-packed weekend with lots of family-friendly fun and opportunities to meet other like-minded people. Try to book your tours and activities before to avoid missing out on the day!

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