All the Conceivable Needs Have a Concierge Waiting to Attend to!

Busy people remain busy only to get busier than they already are. The catch is to squeeze everything in the available 24 hours, a struggle everyone has to deal with, especially the category of the people mentioned in the first statement. They constantly have to juggle between their personal and professional responsibilities trying to give everything their desired attention and place. For all those people who find this switching from one duty to the other, concierge management services present an excellent opportunity to pay attention to the prior most. There can be various needs for which their services, time bounded in contract, could be hired.

The services one individual would like to have might differ from the other. It is better to get a general understanding as to what all these hired hands would be able to provide one with.


The purview of this category is huge involving the need of sub-categorisation. As a general perception, whatever needed to be done in a house to keep it running uninterrupted fall under it. This can start with baby or pet sitting, grocery purchase, laundry, bill payments, automobile servicing, ticket reservation for live shows, booking a table in a hotel or restaurant, making appointments with doctors, vets, counsellors, consultants, designers, etc. The list can grow to more depending upon the expectation of individual requirements.


Travelling is altogether a different ball game. Concierge travel services of big companies generally keep it included, as the need to travel is hardly imperceptible, be it for holiday purposes or business requirements. One may come across holiday travel concierge and business travel concierge, as the two popular subcategories. Under them, the responsibilities include booking of charter planes or flight tickets (as asked) and suitable accommodation (hotels, villas, apartments, chalets, etc), making travel itinerary, making available transportation, and many such tasks.


People, too occupied in drawing up strategies in boardrooms, may feel their life actually splitting up on these two fronts. The solution ofbusiness concierge services thus can save loads of time and decision in duress. Getting done the daily office management, arrangements of things, arranging meeting and taking care of its usual requirements, etc, fall in this category. It could be expanded or contracted as needed.


A person can have various reasons to organise events, both formal and informal. It entails loads of work that are best dealt with experienced professionals in their respective areas. Corporate events, engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, festive occasions, Christmas party, etc are some of them where event planners act as concierge, taking care of all the small and big necessity in holding a successful event.


With the concierge businesses gaining footing, more and more new entrants could be seen catering to specific needs. Some examples are medicine, dating, interior, gift, literary and few others.

Attention Please

There are various things to ensure though while hiring any particular company for the service you need. Start with the amount of experience they have in the industry along with the list of existing clients. After that, go through the contract highlighting extent of services, property to be put in their use, contract renewal term, and of course, the prices. Make sure your legal advisor goes through it and approves.

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