Alternative Fashion Choices to Spice up Your Look

There’s more than one way to improve your fashion statement. Though you might not have the benefit of adding more dresses and clothes, you can always go for smaller yet effective ways to enhance your look. Accessorising is one great way to improve your fashion sense. Not only does it come in a variety of brands and types, but it’s also a great way to complement your clothes without having to change too much in your clothing’s composition. With just a few simple trinkets and choices set together with the right wardrobe, you can turn your average clothing combination to a much more exciting personal aesthetic.

Branching out hair colours

One of the more significant commitments in changing your wardrobe’s look has nothing to do with your wardrobe itself. You’ll be amazed at how different your clothes look with a different head of hair. Your colour choice reflects how you see your individuality.

Going for a bold choice of vibrant palettes such as blue and greens show how adventurous you may be. On the other hand, you could spice up your look by having accents in blacks, browns, and reds to highlight your hair’s original identity without changing too much regarding tone. If you’re looking for a more unconventional palette choice, shades of grey show an enigmatic yet professional look in replicating the ‘silver fox’ aesthetic.

Having your hair dyed is a lot of responsibility as it requires maintenance and changes over time as the dye loses it effect. The trick is knowing the right colour palette that can match your wardrobe and personality.

Personalised jewellery

Nothing says ‘you’ more than having personalised accessories. There are multiple ways to accessorise your get-up from having sets of bangles and bracelets to putting your jewellery box to good use. You can bring the adventurer in you by having stacked bracelets add a little bit of colour to your clothing. The more different the bracelets are, the more telling it is about how you have multiple dimensions as a person.

Go the extra mile by having customised jewellery made just for you. Having your initials or name emblazoned on bracelets and necklaces isn’t just a gimmick, it can be a pretty convenient conversation starter for more introverted individuals. If having your name printed on your jewellery isn’t up your alley, you can have a fingerprint bracelet printed instead. Equal parts symbolic and uniquely for you, fingerprint bracelets combine individuality and fashion into one.

Patches and enamel pins

One way to accessorise your clothing is by sewing patches or badges to your bags and dresses. They can bring a sense of your one quirky style into your old hoodies and jackets (see the collections at Leather Stand)  which keeps them fashionable and personal at the same time. Alternatively, if sewing a patch is too great of a commitment, you can choose to have enamel pins emblazoned on your items. From bags, jeans, to even your summer dress, enamel pins can add a bit of spunk to your clothing.


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