An SEO Strategy Bootcamp

What are you doing SEO for? You’ll understand as soon as you begin to put a strategy in place how much easier it will be to answer questions further along the line when you can refer back to your overall aim. With the help of SEO Edinburgh the most common aims are:

  • Awareness and Visibility
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Retention

Whichever you decide to focus on, eg. For awareness increasing your keyword ranking, be sure not to make this A MUST. So that you are able to edit your goals as you go along and make them more suitable to your ever-changing business targets. Ensuring continuity between your SEO and overall business strategy will provide enhanced results.

Knowing the importance of varying ranking factors, one of the most influential aspects of SEO that any business owner, that has control over their website can influence is the content.

Onsite Content

Knowledge of your target audience comes into focus more than anything else. Knowing your audience, their main search terms and being able to see your competitors content and know which keywords are a) the most relevant for your business, b) Will bring a good amount of traffic compared to the amount it costs to compete for the keyword , c) will provide goals and results that can tie into business KPIs (such as sales). Using facts and figures to base your content creation and strategy upon will provide you with solid statistics upon which to base your estimates of increased traffic to the site. Of course, these are dependent on the average CTR you may have.

With this research and flow you can tell whoever wants to know that:

  • If you create this content, on this page, focusing on these keywords. You will achieve X many new organic visits. (within an upper and lower limit!)

The benefits of the long-term strategy that SEO is all about is the ability for it to begin to provide better results than PPC and eventually relief the need for PPC to bring in traffic. Once a good content strategy has been put in place, it is well complemented by UX and CRO services.

Offsite Content

Offsite content is usually about creating Backlinks, which showcase the content on your site. Initial questions to cover can be :Why are we building links? Is it to increase traffic to site? How will we know if an increase in traffic is from Linkbuilding efforts? Is it to increase keyword rankings?

The main objective of link-building should be to increase organic keyword rankings and traffic to the website. To do this you need a strategy to make sure you aren’t wasting your time or making promises that can’t be delivered. By creating a full-scale plan working with an SEO marketing company who are able to undertake Keyword Research, Content Gap Analysis, Tech Audits and more using specialised tools that will help guide your progress by:

– Determine how many links are needed to make improvements.

– Determine how to optimally distribute links to your pages.

 – Create a plan and get pbn domains | Saket Wahi that abides by Googles regulations and so avoid a penalty and ruin work you will have done elsewhere.

After you have created this strategy, do not rest on your laurels but be aware of the topics that are popular at the time will massively improve your chances of getting high quality natural links from new sites. At the end of the day Google is constantly trying to improve its results by keeping track of fresh content and how relative it is.

Keep aware of updates coming from Google themselves. The most recent June update was one of the largest for a while. Google are quick to play the impact of their updates down as they comment:

  • Google’s broad core updates can be said to be about relevance. Site quality always remains important. But it’s never been the sole focus of the algorithm. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a broad core algorithm update, not just a “site quality” update. If your website produces a lot of links there is a process called the Google deindex that takes place.
  • Google’s Broad Core Updates do not target specific niches. Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the badly-named “Medic” update was not targeting health related sites.  That makes sense for a broad core algorithm update.  The definition of broad is something that has a wide scope. Anyone who says a broad core update is targeting a niche is likely mistaken.

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