Andrew Curran Wesleyan Professor – Why He Is So Respected

It is fair to say that all students respect their university professors, if for no other reason than because of the position that they hold. In truth however not every professor that we learn from is deserving of great respect, but there are some who most certainly do. Andrew Curran Wesleyan professor and someone who had a great impact on my life is one such person, a man respected here in New Haven, Hartford and in many educational circles thanks to the great work that he does in the university. I was thinking recently about why he is so well respected, and here is what it is about him that garners such adoration.

Making The Time

Many professors simply do not give the time that the students and staff need and this has created a reputation amongst professors that they are unapproachable. In the case of Andrew Curran however this was never something that you had to worry about, he was always on hand to give you help be it in person or via email and this is just one of the wonderful reasons why loo many give him so much respect.


I have often thought that it must be very difficult for a professor to maintain patience, especially when teaching young adults rather than children, both are challenging of course. In the case of Mr. Curran however, he would always remain calm without any complaint or retaliation when things would get heated in his lecture theater, yet another attribute which people admire so much.

Creativity and Passion

If you were to survey the majority of students in a particular university or college, and ask them how passionate they think that their professors are, they will probably tell you that they are not. Now this may not be true at all and the professors may be brimming with dedication and love for what they do, if this is the case then very few actually show it. Andrew Curran on the other hand personified what passion meant for the law and as a result he would always look for new and exciting ways to teach us. Instead of simply studying textbooks we would have a mock lawsuit which would give us a chance to put into action what we had learned from books.


Almost everyone that I speak to who had Andrew Curran as their professor will say how amazing he was at getting the very best out of each and every student, myself included. The way in which he was able to do this is because he was an excellent judge of character and he knew almost instantly what kind of motivation it would take, to get the very best from each of his students, something which he did time and time again.

A wonderful professor and a man who deserves all of the respect that he receives.

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