Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth the Cost?

The process of building a fitted wardrobe in a bedroom is not easy. You have to sit down with the installer or the carpenter to talk about the design. You need to determine where to place the wardrobe, what materials to use and what the final design will be like. This is not going to be over in one meeting. You will have to go back and forth to make a final decision.

The next step is to buy the materials needed for construction. This will take some time especially if there are materials that you really want but are currently unavailable. You will then sit down together to decide if you will still push for the said material or opt for what is available and move ahead.

The entire process can be long and costly. This is the nature of having a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom. You are involved in every step of the process. Although it makes you feel great since, in the end, it will be a reflection of your personality. But are you willing to go through the process?

Understanding the cost

The main reason why having a fitted wardrobe is more expensive is that it is built from scratch. From the design down to the details of the interiors, everything will be decided between you and the person working on the wardrobe. The labour cost is more expensive. The materials may also be expensive depending on your choice. Sometimes, when there is limited space, it becomes even more challenging for the installer to get the job done.

Should you still go for it?

Despite all these difficulties, it is still in your best interest to move ahead. You will soon see its beauty once everything is done and you can say that it is worth the cost. You will have a lovely wardrobe that looks exactly how you envisioned it. Of course, the quality of the installer you have chosen is a huge factor, but it is still an exciting experience. For this reason alone you can say that it is worth your money.

Having this type of wardrobe also increases the value of your home. It is not necessarily the design that makes it more valuable though. It is the fact that you have added furniture to a very limited space and you have cleverly used whatever space is available.

Most of all, the wardrobe is really useful. You won’t waste any space. You know that you can utilise everything because it was designed based on your preference. Just speak with your installer and you can have a fitted bedroom wardrobe that looks exactly how you want it.


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