Assessing the Outcome of an Event to Improve the Next One

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After staging an event, it’s crucial that you evaluate the results before moving on. Whether you felt it was a success or not, you need to meet with your team to discuss what happened. You can learn from the experience and improve if you have the chance to stage another event.

Use the SWOT analysis method

SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You can use this strategy to determine what went well and what didn’t. You can ask everyone to share how they honestly feel starting from the organisation to the implementation of the plans. It needs to be an honest discussion among all members of the organising team since you need these inputs to find out what else you could do in the future.

Set a positive tone

It could be quite tense in the room during an evaluation. When everyone starts bringing up negative topics and feedback, it won’t be easy. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a positive tone. Explain to everyone that the primary goal of the evaluation is not to assign blame, but to find a way to improve next time.

Don’t forget to thank everyone

Whether or not the event was successful, it’s crucial that you say thank you to all the members of your team. Let them know that you highly appreciate their contribution and efforts. You still need these people for your future plans. You don’t want them to feel as if they didn’t do anything significant at all. Make sure to contact Cosmopolitan Weddings to schedule an a stunning event.

Assess your suppliers too

Apart from the internal tasks, you also need to assess the performance of your suppliers. You need to know if the company you partnered with for AV rental did a great job. You also need to identify which suppliers you need to change because of their poor services. Open the floor to suggestions since some members might know other suppliers based on their previous partnerships.

Stay calm

Don’t feel surprised if the conversation starts to turn to your leadership. When assessing the event, you need to be open to all the details, including your performance as the leader. Even if it seems like your team members were unhappy with what you did, it’s crucial for you to stay calm. Make sure that you don’t let your emotions overwhelm the conversation. Avoid being too combative since the point is that everyone understands what happened and finds a way not to repeat mistakes.

End on a high note

The evaluation could be tense and challenging, especially when you start delving into the details of what went wrong. Everyone will try to wash their hands of the errors they committed and provide explanations. It could be a tension-filled discussion until the end. Therefore, before ending the meeting, you need to say thank you and remind everyone that the goal is to improve. Remind the members of their strengths and why you still need them for future events.

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