Awesome Employee Perks You Should Adopt At Your Business

The best businesses in the world know how to treat their employees well. They understand that when their workers are happy, they get the best job performance. They’ll work with passion and energy. Most importantly, they’ll remain loyal.

One of the best ways to do this is with employee perks. These are the extra bonuses that make working at a company that little bit sweeter. From the big perks like a company car, to a free coffee in the morning using keurig coffee pods, Proper storage is an essential but easily overlooked factor in coffee’s taste. Even mild exposure to sunlight and oxygen will reduce shelf life and diminish flavor, so it’s best to keep beans in a dark like a coffee canister. there are plenty of options. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favourites.


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Breakfast – It might not seem like much, but providing a simple breakfast for your workers is really powerful. We all live hectic lives, and we don’t always have time for breakfast in the morning. Providing a quick continental selection at the office lets workers slow down and get a good start to the day. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll unlock their energy in the morning. It’s an easy way to improve the workplace environment. In addition, be sure you are providing employees with what they need to be healthy on a daily basis, such as a clean environment and an office water cooler to keep them hydrated.

Gym membership – It’s a proven fact that regular exercise reduces stress. It also releases happy chemicals into our brain and unlocks motivation. Those are great qualities to have in your employees. So, provide them with a free gym pass and you’ll unlock those benefits. They’ll love the gesture. You’ll help lower the stress levels at work, and instill a culture of motivation.

Profit sharing – Many companies now give their employees stock options. It’s a small gesture that makes the company seem more communal and caring. It makes it less about rich corporate shareholders, and more about the team on the ground. It’s a good alternative to the usual pension plan.

Flexible work hours – We don’t live in a world where 9-5 matters anymore. Trading takes place at a global level and time-zones are interchangeable. Your employees lead complex and hectic lives. If they want to start at 10 am and finish at 6 pm, cut them a break and let them. If they need to spend an afternoon working from home, let them. So long as you get results, it doesn’t matter how and where they work. That flexibility will mean a lot to them.

Childcare at the office – Leading on from that point, lend a supportive hand to the families of your employees. Providing childcare at the office will be a saving grace for many parents. The stress of finding childcare and planning the daily logistics is a nightmare. Make it easy for them and you’ll reap the rewards.

Health insurance and wellbeingBusiness health insurance is a common part of the perks package. However, many companies are now offering more substantive wellbeing packages like regular employee health checks uk. Using a service like Health Assured, you can offer counseling, employee assistance, and occupational health. It’s a more rounded health package that will improve their mental wellbeing as well as physical health. In addition, as an employer, you may also offer workplace pop-up clinics to increase primary care usage, as well as improve the overall wellness of your employees. You may find out more about pop-up clinics here.

Build a strong support system of perks, assistance, and financial bonuses for your employees. It will make sure they stay loyal to your company, and you’ll unlock their true potential. Let us know about any perks you’ve particularly enjoyed at work.

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