Be Penny Wise, Not Penny Foolish

You have undoubtedly heard all of the media reports which have described how the housing boom is back in the UK. While this has certainly been good news for property agents, commercial lenders, and home sellers, there are those who worry that we are creating another housing bubble, similar to the one that came crashing down around us in 2007. Perhaps if the Bank of England raises interest rates, the market will cool down somewhat. In the meantime, many people are either buying their first home or relocating to a new home, thanks to the current surge in property sales. Most likely, most new homeowners will make some improvements to their new acquisition as Buyers Advocates Brisbane, which can range from the small to the extensive. With a long-term view towards the future and even the ultimate resale value of the home, one area that should definitely be focused on is the overall heating system.

A Response to Rising Energy Prices

While many people, when thinking about their heating needs, tend to think exclusively about installing radiators, there is actually a far more efficient and cost-effective solution at hand today. The innovative solution is placing the entire heating system under the existing floors, which efficiently distributes heat across every room at a far lower cost than conventional radiators. How much? Depending on the size of the house and other variables, the savings can range between 10% and 40%. Imagine being able to save that much on your heating bill when compared to conventional radiators! Additionally, if the home does not have a heating system in place, installing this solution is actually much less expensive than placing radiators in every room.

Knowledge Is Power

It’s a well worn-out expression, I know, but it is particularly true in this case. If you want to learn more about all of the benefits of underfloor heating, and you definitely should, all you have to do is visit Here, you will find a well-established and reputable vendor who can explain in detail the numerous advantages of installing a heating system under your existing floors. While any room and any type of floor can benefit from the solution, wood floors or even stone floors will provide the most noticeable benefits. That is because they can most efficiently transmit the heat from below and let it radiate across the floor and indeed the entire room.

Any room with carpeting will also benefit, but to a slightly lesser extent, due to the fact that those carpets have a layer of insulation underneath them, making them slightly less efficient. So if you prefer using carpets, call Dan Dan The Carpet Man to find out more about their carpet cleaning process.

Going Green

You can run an underfloor heating system from a conventional boiler as part of your central heating or for all the central heating. Many people choose to use underfloor systems in difficult areas like bathrooms and kitchens where wall space can be at a premium. New extensions or conservatories can also benefit from this type of heating.

If you are planning to renovate your whole heating system it might be worth considering some of the renewable energy sources like ground source heat pumps. Have a look at this home renovator because with them it’s guaranteed your renovation will be successful. By using a renewable energy source you would be able to get a Green Deal grant to help with funding the project. Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground from pipes buried in your garden and then transfer the heat through a heat exchanger unit. This type of system particularly benefits underfloor heating as the heat does not need to be on a high temperature and can provide gentle heat all the time. The biggest benefit of this type of system is that it costs very little to run as it requires no fuel and just a small amount of electricity to run the pump. However, it can be costly to install a ground source heat pump. If you already have one that is not well functioning, consider doing a heat pump repair.

The good news is that you can still benefit from underfloor heating from your current system without the expense of a new boiler. The actual underfloor system is very cost effective and would be an excellent option for a new project like a conservatory or a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Looking Towards the Future

Even if your home currently uses radiators, replacing them with an underfloor heating solution can pay for itself in a matter of years, given the substantial energy savings that you will benefit from forever. If, at some point in the future, you decide to sell your home, you can be assured that you will be able to get a premium for it, all other things being equal, due to the fact that the heating system is exceptionally efficient and effective. It really is the ideal solution: You get substantial cost savings now and a higher resale value in the future. Of course, underfloor heating means you’ll need to remove any existing carpets, but don’t worry – you can always have them professionally cleaned by carpet cleaning cincinnati.

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