Beach Essential: Rash Guards Suits

Rash guard is considered as a tee-shirt style swim top. They were originally worn and used by surfers to screen their chest against the surfboard as it is bothersome to the skin, however they have gained prominence of the average beach-goer, as well.

They are made from nylon and spandex which makes them lightweight, anti-bacterial and fast-drying. The material of this essential is also very tight that it guarantees to protect you from harmful radiation of the sun. A swim shirt differs from a rash guard in that a swim shirt tends to fit more loosely. They provide UV protection factor of 50+, which is definitely the highest possible rating.

Protecting yourself for the ultra violet rays of the sun is more important than ever because you must know that the dangerous ultraviolet radiation is reaching the earth in greater quantities than ever before because the ozone layer is becoming depleted and is no longer able to block out those rays. It means that there will be more and higher cases of skin cancer occurring than ever before. It is studied and recorded that every year around the world 2 to 3 million cases of skin cancer occur. In truth, one in every three cancer cases is skin cancer, so it is very crucial to take protective measures to lessen the risk of developing it.

Wearing rash guard or swim shirt is a great choice whenever you’re on the beach because it helps you prevent getting skin cancer. Moreover, it offers huge comfort of a tee-shirt with an adequate UPF to keep your skin safe during a day out in the sun. You must always keep in mind that the more skin that is sheltered, the better off you are.

There are different styles and designs of rash guard suits which are available to men, women, and children to choose from. You purchase either long or short sleeves. You will get great satisfaction and protection on the beach when paired with trunks or board shorts and a hat. They really are the best choice with regards to sun protective swimwear because of how much of the body is protected from the sun.

However, you must remember that wearing a rash guard does not imply that you need to apply sunblock and suntan anymore. You should always put sunscreen to the area of the body which is not covered by your rash guard suit to avoid sun burnt. As such, rashguards is one important beach essential you shouldn’t take for granted.



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