Being Happy In the Digital Age

A lot has changed since 1960. The world has witnessed some great developments in the fields of science, technology, education, race relations, gender and sexuality, art, music, film and countless other aspects of contemporary culture. But not every advancement in the past 50 or so years has been without it’s downside. In particular, the way that many of us now live our lives – inseparable from technology and with the values of convenience and immediacy hard-wired into our psyche – is not wholly conducive to a happy state of mind. But all that can change.

Get Real

Many of us – at least the large majority of westerners who use social media on a regular basis – are becoming less social in the conventional sense, as we instead look to engage, interact and redefine ourselves through the online platforms of Facebook and Twitter. On the plus side, these sites have enabled us to maintain contact with people all over the world, and with minimal effort. But the major problem with social media is its addictive and counterproductive qualities. Have you ever felt like your brain is frazzled after hours of status updates, ‘likes’, photos of kittens and endless RSVPing to events you’ll never attend in a month of Sundays? That’s not surprising. For such interactions aren’t healthy for your mind or soul.

If you really want to find peace and happiness in this digital age, it won’t come through Facebook. To truly get to the heart of things, seeking guidance through a psychic reading (from a recognised group such as Kooma) will be far more beneficial than another 3 hour stint in front of the computer screen.

Food For Thought

Convenience can be a killer. So many people don’t eat properly because eating poorly is just too easy, with the simplicity of ready meals and similar ill-nutritious offerings. Want to be a real person and feel good? Eat real food. Vegetables are cheap and the web is full of simple recipes that are accessible to even the most amateur of cooks. So toss away that frozen pizza and get real. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Find the Balance

There’s no doubt that many of the developments of the past 50 years have been massively beneficial. But without looking to the spiritual side and eating proper, healthy food, we run the risk of sacrificing both our physical and mental health.

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